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Chapter 439: Patience

Translator: Lonelytree

They served the tea.

Tong Yan said arrogantly, “I can wait until the day Jing Tian falls in love with me.

I have the patience.

Nanxing, please dont blame me.

You should expect this when you join the underworld.

Finders keeper.

I marked him by poisoning him so hes mine now.”


She glanced at the tea and finished it.

I smiled, “Unfortunately, Im not a patient person.”

Tong Yan was confused.

I looked at her with a smile.

“Theres a woman back in China who also wishes to crawl into Jing Tians bed.

I thought she was shameless enough but youre such an eye-opener.

There is not limit to shamelessness.

At least that woman relies on some scheme.

You cant even be bothered, you just go around marking people like a bitch in heat.

But I like that.

I prefer your methods.

There is no reason to feign civility with your enemies after all.”


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Tong Yans eyes were blank.

I smiled as I waited for her to fall to the ground with a plop.

“Xiao Yi, now!” I shouted.

Xiao Yi and my gang of four rushed in.

“Sister Xing, everything is ready.

You need to get Master Qi.

Leave the rest to us.”


Our movement was quick because we had made sufficient preparations.

By the time Tong Yan woke up, we were already 1,000 meters aboveground.

I sat beside Jing Tian.

He didnt show any discomfort.

Tong Yan was at the corner behind us.

Xiao Yi guarded beside her.

I fed Jing Tian a piece of strawberry cake.

His body had suffered a lot.

Xiao Yi told me to feed Jing Tian some high-calorie food.

I obliged.

Jing Tian couldnt take more than one bite.

I had to enjoy the rest on my own.

Jing Tian raised his hand to touch my head, smiling without saying a word.

“Are you tired Do you want to sleep for a while” I asked him.

Jing Tian nodded.

He was spent on this trip.

I understood his need to rest.


Xiao Yi walked over and gestured at me.

I glanced at Jing Tian who was fast asleep.

I stood up and exchanged seats with Xiao Yi.

Tong Yan looked at me in panic.

“Where are we”

I pointed outside the porthole.

“Were in the sky!”

Tong Yan followed my gaze and looked outside.

She turned to look at my face.

The shock was evident.

She lowered her head and saw the bindings on her body.

She twisted her body but it was too no avail.

She was furious.

“Nanxing, what have you done to me!” There was finally a hint of panic in her voice.

I said calmly, “Well, Ive kidnapped you.”

She struggled and her face turned red from anxiety.

“How dare you!”

I nodded.

“Why wouldnt I dare Im also quite reckless.

There is nothing I hate more in the world than people who threaten me and steal things for me.

I will never let them have a good life.

Seeing you like this, I have to admit, makes me quite happy.”


I opened a soda can and took a sip.

Soda was always a source of joy!

Tong Yan was so angry that her face turned red.

I gave her a mock toast.

“Well, you said Jing Tian will suffer less when youre around.

I have to see if youre lying to me or not.

It turns out youre not.

I was quite surprised.

You said your poison has no cure.

Do you know what else has no cure Heart disease.

However, there is something called a pacemaker that can allow a person with heart diseases to live a normal life.

If I cant cure Jing Tian, youll be his human pacemaker.”

I smiled so kindly.

Tong Yans expression was extremely ugly.



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