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Chapter 440: Angry Woman

Translator: Lonelytree

Eventually, Tong Yan calmed down.

“Nanxing, I was under orders to invite Jing Tian.

If I didnt return in time, my people would come looking! You cant afford the consequences!”

I shrugged.

“Let them come.

Ill be waiting.

However, I dont like to stay abroad.

I feel more comfortable waiting at home.

If your people want to look for a fight, thats fine.

Im always ready.

As for you, youre a human pacemaker.

As long as Jing Tians poison is not cured, youre not going anywhere.”

Tong Yan growled.

“I want to see Tong Le.”


I wont let you see him.

In fact, he doesnt even know youre here.

You want to force him to release you because you have the surname Tong Unfortunately, youre not going to reach him this time.

I feel sad for you.” I studied her.

“The reason I tied you up is that you are a good poison user.

I dont underestimate my enemies, but that doesnt mean I cant toy with my hostages.

Therefore, if you dont want to suffer, you better dont play with me.

Youre too good at dirty tricks, so I have to bind you up like this.

Im sorry, I have no choice.”

Tong Yan couldnt take it anymore.

“Nanxing! How shameless can you be!”

I grabbed a piece of cloth and stuffed it into Tong Yans mouth.

She was finally silent.

I glanced at Jing Tian.

Fortunately, he wasnt woken up.

I turned back to Tong Yan.

“Why were you yelling What if you woke up Jing Tian And youre calling me shameless Thats really pot calling the kettle black.

If Im shameless, I learn it from you.

In terms of shamelessness, Im still far behind you.

However, being shameless does make me feel quite good.

I understand why you do things this way.”

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She glared at me.

I smiled at her.

“You must be so jealous of me.

At least I have half of the Tong familys lineage, but you have none.

However, you have the Tong surname.

You must have known about me a long time ago.

You would have thought about replacing me, but unfortunately, you didnt have the chance to do so.

This time, you ran into Jing Tian.

You might not even really love him, but since I did, you would do anything to snatch him away from me.

Im flattered, really, but you really need to look at yourself in the mirror first.

“Do you think Jing Tian will fall for you Such blind confidence.

It must have come from Yan Yu.

She thought the world was in love with her.

She must have taught all of you the same thing.

Everyone in the world owes you.

This reminds me of Tong Lin, that was another shameless character.

I still have to settle scores with him.

I cant find him, but you came knocking on my door.

I guess Ill have to settle his score with you.”

My smile gradually turned vicious.

Tong Yan shivered.

I stood up with a smile.

“Im starting to research into forget-me-not.

Ill find a way to cure it.

Until then, youll have to stay by Jing Tians side.

However, I promise that youd never see him.

Now, dont think that Im keeping you around because I like you.

Youre simply a better solution than feeding him free-spirited grass.”

Tong Yan let out a low growl from her throat.

She glared at me.

I smiled and said gently, “Why do you hate me This is your fault for being overconfident.

Why would you drink something your enemy served you You must have thought no one could be more shameless than you.” I stretched lazily.

“Jing Tian is most likely not the first person youve poisoned.

Karma has come knocking..

Id suggest you stay quiet and dont struggle unnecessarily.

Im merely trying to help make the world a better place!”


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