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Chapter 443: The Sun

Translator: Lonelytree

As soon as I pushed the door open, Mai Qi said lazily, “My dear Ni Ni, youre finally back to accompany me.

Take me outside for a walk.

Please!” She lay on the side of the bed with her hair falling down.

She looked like the ghost from Ju-On.

I shook my head.

“Im impressed that Ni Ni hasnt gone insane because of you!”

She lifted her body, and her wounds pulled.

She hissed in pain.

I rushed forward to cushion her body with pillows.

“Your wounds havent recovered.

Why are you torturing yourself like this”

She endured the pain and held my hand.

“Nanxing, youre finally home! Are you injured” She looked me up and down.

I twirled around for her to see.

“Im fine.

Before you ask, my little uncle is fine too.” The curtains were drawn, and the room was dimly lit, but I could still feel Maggies face blushing.

She changed the subject.

“Are Jing Tian and Old Master Jing okay Auntie Lan is so worried about them.

The people from the Jing Family dont make things better.

They come every day to bully Auntie Lan.

Jing Tian has to teach them a lesson!”

I walked over and pulled open the curtains.

The sunlight shone in.

Mai Qi raised her hand to block the sunlight.

Her movement was small.

It was clear that she was still hurting from her injury.

I asked her with concern.

“Does it still hurt”

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Mai Qi smiled.

“The worst is over.

I can withstand this.”

“Then, shall I push you to the garden to enjoy the sun” I asked.

“Sure!” She immediately jumped up.

I covered Mai Qi with a thin blanket even though the sun was bright.

Mai Qi looked up at the sky and giggled.

I combed her long hair with my hand.

“Nanxing, I might become a cripple,” Mai Qi said softly.

I whispered, “What does it matter Youre still Mai Qi to me.”

She stopped talking.

I pursed my lips and smiled.

“And it wont affect you from becoming my little aunt.”

Mai Qi didnt react.

This meant that there was something wrong with her.

Mai Qi closed her eyes to the sun, and tears streamed down her face.

“Mai Qi” I was surprised.

“Whats wrong Are you feeling unwell” I was about to wheel her back and call the doctor for her when she sat up to hug me.

“Nanxing.” She buried her head around my waist.

I hesitated before placing my hand to caress her head.

“Mai Qi, is it because you dont want to marry my little uncle”

She didnt move.

She continued to cry.

“Its fine.

No one can force you if you dont want to marry him.

We all thought you still had feelings for him since you sacrificed yourself to save him.

However, Mai Qi, we will always respect your choices.

Tell me whats on your mind.

Dont be afraid.”

I gently patted her.

Everything happened too quickly.

I didnt have the time to ask them for the details.

I only knew Mai Qi was heavily injured because she tried to save my little uncle.

I smiled.

“Mai Qi, if my grandparents or parents were still alive, they would have packed up my little uncle and delivered him to you already.

I can imagine them saying, Mai Qi, take this bastard since youve saved him.

Hes yours now!”

Mai Qi laughed through her tears.

I pulled her gently away, knelt, and looked into her eyes.


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