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Chapter 445: Eavesdropping

Translator: Lonelytree

“But why” I teased her with a smile.

“If he marries me without loving me, then hell regret it sooner or later.

I cant have him sacrifice his whole life to me because of debt!” Mai Qi said.

“Mai Qi, youre worth the sacrifice.

Trust me!” I said affirmatively.

Mai Qi shook her head violently.

“Love doesnt work like that.

Its true that I love him.

Ive looked deep inside my heart.

My love for him hasnt changed.

However, that also means I want him to have true happiness and not be bogged down by debt! That will be very sad.”

I placed my hand on her knee and smiled.

“Silly girl, hes not going to marry you for debt.” I looked into the pavilion and raised my voice.


Tong Le, can you please come out to explain yourself”

Mai Qi tightened her grip on my hand, and her face turned pale and then red.

With one hand in his pocket, Mr.

Tong Le walked over slowly.

He coughed lightly.

“Why arent you with Jing Tian Arent you worried about that woman”

I crossed my arm.

“Speaking of that demonic woman, you are not allowed to plead for her mercy!”


Tong Le raised his hand in surrender.

“Fine, Ill stay out of it.”

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I glanced at Mai Qi.

“Girl, you shouldnt worry yourself too much.

Even though my parents and grandparents are no longer around, it doesnt mean the Tong Family has no decision-maker anymore.

I can officiate this wedding for you!”

Tong Le rubbed my head.


I ran away giggling.

“Mai Qi, Im going to visit Jing Tian then!” I ran past the bushes and stopped.

I crouched behind it.

Tong Le stopped before Mai Qi, and Mai Qi tilted her head to one side.

I sneaked past the bushes and hid behind the pavilion pillar.

Tong Le cleared his throat and said unnaturally, “I was busy settling everyone down, so I didnt come to see you right away.”

Hah! Is this really the Tong Le I know

Mai Qi nervously rubbed the corner of her shirt.

“Its okay.

Im… Im fine now.”


Tong Le sat down on a stone bench.

He didnt have to look down, and Mai Qi didnt have to look up.

It saved their necks from strain.

Mai Qis face turned redder, and her eyes turned away.

Tong Le thought about it and said, “I heard what you and Nanxing said earlier.”

Oh, hes admitting to eavesdropping What is he going for

Mai Qi was embarrassed, but Tong Le was unfazed.

“Mai Qi, I heard from that Nanxing that you fell in love with me at first sight.”

Tong Le, what are you doing Are you trying to embarrass my girlfriend even more Oh my God! Can someone save Tong Le

If I were Mai Qi, I would have wanted to find a hole to hide in already!

I wanted to rush out to drag Tong Le away and then apologize to my good sister.

“Mai Qi, Im sorry.

This pighead has brought shame to the Tong Family.

Ill feed him to the dogs.

Ill deal with him, and well still be good sisters!”

Tong Le continued.

“Honestly, I thought that was just a joke between you girls, and I never really considered it seriously.

Mai Qi, my family is deep in the underground, but you are a well-cherished princess.

I never thought you would like someone as uncouth as me.” Tong Les tone was calm but gentle..


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