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Chapter 446: Explanation

Translator: Lonelytree

I was halfway out of the pavilion, and I gently retracted.

Hmm, hes speaking in human language again.

Mai Qi hurriedly said, “You are not like that…”

Girl, you need to let him finish! They are really perfect for each other!

Tong Le smiled with embarrassment.

I had to blink my eyes.

Mai Qi was lucky to see Tong Le have this expression.

“You have heard about my family background from Nanxing and Jing Tian.

The Tong Family only has me and Nanxing left.

I am a member of the underworld.

Even though the title of Master Si sounds romantic, I live my life on the edge of a knife.

It is not romantic at all.

“In fact, one day, I might just be shot on the streets.

Therefore, I never thought about love and marriage.

Without love, marriage is meaningless.

However, if Im in love, then I cant place my lover in constant worry… worry that shed end up a widow every day she wakes up.” Tong Le spoke very slowly.

It was hard for him to say these things.

I was stunned.

I had never seen this side of Tong Le.

I didnt know he had considered so many things.

But I had to admit he was making a lot of sense.

Mai Qi looked at him and asked softly, “Did these thoughts cross your mind when you took Jing Ni as your fiance publicly”

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I sighed in my heart.

Mai Qi still cared about that after all.

Tong Le shook his head in a daze.

“That was a temporary measure.

Compared to sending her to the Shi Family, having me be her fiance in name was a much better solution.

I couldnt care about her feelings because her life was in danger.

“I look at Jing Ni like how I look at Nanxing.

She is my junior.

I cant see her jump into the fire pit like that.

Moreover, she was extremely unstable at that time.

That was the most suitable solution I could think of.”

“So, you dont like her” Mai Qi asked carefully.


Tong Le grinned.

“Shes just a little brat.

Shes Nanxings best friend.

However, she is very sensible.

After she recovered, she came to talk to me.

She was grateful, but she was clear that she didnt love me.

She knew I only said those things to save her.

You have no idea how relieved I was when I heard that.”

Tong Le smiled.

Mai Qi looked at him.

“What if something like up comes up again Will you marry Jing Ni again”

Tong Le wrung his hands awkwardly.


Ill leave her with family.

Nanxing is capable enough to take care of her now.

Plus, Jing Ni can also take care of herself.”

“What about you” Mai Qi asked.

Tong Le shrugged, “Ill just wander the world.

There are sects of Dragons Gate all around the world anyway.”

Mai Qi smiled.

“You coward, running away is not going to solve anything!”

Tong Le said helplessly, “What else can I do I dont love her, and she doesnt love me either.

How awkward itll be for us to marry In that case, Id rather take a step back.

Itd be better for everyone.”

Mai Qi looked at him and sighed softly.

I sighed as well.

Mai Qi looked at Mr.

Tong Le and said softly, “If someone, who is a little silly, is willing to wander the world and live on the edge of the knife with you, would you mind”




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