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Chapter 450: Dogfood

Translator: Lonelytree

Auntie Lan glared at him.

“Those are your children and grandchildren, so you deserve that!”

The old master covered his face and nodded.

“Yes, I deserve it.

Ive let both of you down.

Ive disappointed Jing Tian, and Ive disappointed you even more.

Its my fault for making you suffer in fear.”

Auntie Lan snorted and turned her head away.

I gave the old master a meaningful glance.

The old master blinked his eyes and sighed.

He started to explain how he was kidnapped, how those kidnappers beat him, how dangerous it was, how he missed her even through those critical moments of his life.

He described how vicious and savage the kidnappers were and how miserable he was on the run!

Ultimately, the man was a good businessman.

His silver tongue impressed me greatly.

Auntie Lan was roped into his story.

She was angry at first, then she became frightened and nervous.

At one point, she even checked his body for wounds.

I wanted to howl at the sky.

I was already fed dogfood by my little uncle and Mai Qi at the back garden.

And now, I was forced another round of dogfood by this senior pair!

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I was so full from the dogfood that I wanted to burp.

Just as I was about to cover my eyes and close my ears, Auntie Lan finally noticed me.

She rushed over and hugged me.

“My darling, you are really a lucky star who has been sent to us by the heavens.

They wouldnt have survived without you! If Jing Tian and his father were gone, how was I supposed to live on my own Oh, Nanxing, my darling!”

Auntie Lan hugged me tightly.

I was feeling helpless and amused.

I couldnt blame Old Master Jing for trying to tie his adorable woman to him for the rest of his life.

Auntie Lan was frightened.

It had only been two days since she heard the news from her husband and son.

However, every second without their news was like a year for her.

Old Master Jing also only cared about her.

Therefore, when our lives were temporarily safe in the foreign country, the first thing he did was to get Ardent Flame Alliance in China to protect Auntie Lan and to inform her that he was safe.

The Jing Family came to bully Auntie Lan right after.

Auntie Lan was too smart to let them know her husband was still alive.

At first, she acted heartbroken in front of them.

Later on, she refused to see them and moved to Huan Yuan.

However, it didnt mean Auntie Lan had it easy.

All the worry and concern she felt unleashed when her husband and son returned.

Her target was naturally Old Master Jing.

Old Master Jing didnt mind Auntie Lan being so unreasonable.

They were perfect for each other.

I patted Auntie Lans back.

“Its alright.

Were safe now.

Jing Ni told me everything.

If it werent for you, Auntie Lan, she and Mai Qi would be in greater danger! They are so grateful to you! Auntie Lan is the best!”

Auntie Lan calmed down, and she told us how she protected Mai Qi and Jing Ni.

Mai Qi was injured, but she couldnt head to the hospital because the Jing Family was there.

She sighed and lamented, “Jing Ni has really grown up.

The girl was very calm.

Jing De, Im telling you.

The Jing Family doesnt want her, but I do.

She is my granddaughter! She is like me!”

Old Master Jing nodded repeatedly.


She is your granddaughter.

When the ancestral hall opens this year, I will officially register Jing Ni under Jing Tians family branch.”

Auntie Lan was slightly relieved..

Old Master Jing knew that he was right with his decision.


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