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Chapter 452: Anger

Translator: Lonelytree

I was quite satisfied.

I liked to see her exasperated.

Apparently, annoying Tong Yan would lower the effectiveness of the toxin in Jing Tian.

So, I spared no effort to anger her.

“Im not satisfied! Not at all!” I shrugged.

She glared at me.

I said in a serious tone, “I dont mind if you want to take the surname Tong, but I do mind when you use that surname to ruin the Tong Family reputation.

“Which branch of the family tree are you from You have been free for too long because the Tong Family doesnt have that many people to pursue your actions.

But no matter, since youve fallen into my hands, well settle old and new scores at once!”

Tong Yan said disdainfully, “Youre not even a Tong Family member!”

“Now, that is the key point.” Then, I explained everything to her in detail.

“Even though my surname isnt Tong, my mother has the Tong surname.

Incidentally, my mother has the position in the Tong Family that Yan Yu dreamed of.

As her daughter, naturally, I have to care about the Tong Family!

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“Ill put it this way! I can mobilize the property of the Tong Family, including ordering Dragons Gate.

Are you envious Im the princess of the Tong Family and Dragons Gate.

Since Im around, there is no second princess.

Isnt that sad for you” I tried my best to annoy her.

Tong Yan turned her face away.

I moved a chair to sit opposite her.

“Also, I know where your confidence comes from.

The Tong Family owes the Yan Family a favor so the Tong Family wouldnt dare to do anything to you no matter how disgusting youve acted.

“But Im different.

Although Im the Tong Familys little princess, my surname is Nan.

I dont care about the history between the Tong Family and the Yan Family.

I am that unreasonable, and what can you do to me I bet you didnt think youd run into someone as shameless as you, right How does it feel Annoying”

Tong Yan was livid.

She gritted her teeth.

“Youre really shameless!”

“That I am!” I blinked innocently.

A light cough came from behind.

Su Qian said to Su Shen, “I like it when shes acting like this.

She can change faces depending on who she is dealing with.”

Su Shen nodded.

“Thats right! Her shamelessness is unmatched! Some people cant even replicate that!”

I told Tong Yan.

“Do you know why youve faced no trouble Thats because youve always encountered people who cant do anything to your shamelessness.

They are too generous to argue with the likes of you.

People like Jing Tian and Tong Le are the best examples.

But youve met your match this time! I am not as generous as they are.

So you better surrender! Such is your life!” I stood up and stretched.

“Eat and sleep well.

Be a good pacemaker.”

I turned.

“Nanxing! Do you think you can force me to save Jing Tian Do you think youre safe now that youve returned to China You underestimate us.

Well see how long youll continue to act like this!” Tong Yan said fiercely.

I turned around with a smile.

“I dont think youd save Jing Tian.

Youre not that useful to me.

We returned to China to lure your people to come to us.

We cant do anything to them abroad, but its different in our home ground.”

Tong Yans breathing halted for a moment.


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