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Chapter 456: Betrayal

Translator: Lonelytree

I nodded in agreement.

If a person started to worry that the other party would betray them and was plotting revenge when that hadnt even happened, the ending was fated.

“I heard that the export of forget-me-not and free-spirited grass to the outer world was related to my uncle”

Grandma sighed again.

“This is all a sad fate.

When Tong Hui was injured, he was saved by a tribes priestess.

In primitive tribes, the priests and priestesses are the most honorable.

The holy priestess of this tribe was even called an Angel of God.

She would remain a virgin for all her life, but in return, she would get everyones respect.

“Every time a girl was born in the tribe, she would be carried to the priest for divination.

If she were deemed a holy priestess, she would be adopted by the chiefs family.

The whole tribe would serve her, offering her clothes, food, and everything.

However, her tongue would be severed, and she would turn mute.”

Xiao Yi sneered, “So that she wouldnt reveal heavens secret”

Grandma nodded solemnly, “Yes.”

Xiao Yi and I looked at each other speechlessly.

“The holy priestess who saved Tong Hui was not only the holy priestess but also the tribe leaders biological daughter.

This had never happened for generations.

Therefore, her divination ceremony was incredibly grand.

It was talked about for years.

“The holy priestess grew up without trouble.

However, things got awkward after she turned eighteen.

Love blossomed in her heart, but she was restricted from love.

Cultures in primitive tribes were unrestrained and passionate.

There were many temptations for the priestess.

Therefore, she decided to retire to the back mountain cave by herself.

The cave had a spring, and it became holy ground.

Villagers were not allowed there.

Tong Hui accidentally stumbled into the cave.

The priestess saved his wounds and his body.

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“They were two young people stuck in a close space.

Their desire was strong.

The priestess couldnt speak, but she was very smart.

She wanted this man from the outside world to stay with her forever.

However, she didnt know if the young man would oblige or not.

Therefore, to cement this godsent love, she poisoned the young man with forget-me-not without telling him.

Their lives were happy.

“Tong Hui was not an ordinary man.

He had fully examined the cave while he was recuperating.

This cave was secluded with food, water, and a young mute girl as his company.

This was heaven on earth.

“After he recovered, he naturally wanted to escape.

He wouldnt bring the mute girl with her.

The thought didnt even cross his mind.

She was mute and primitive.

What use could she serve him”

Grandma said mockingly.

I was ashamed because the irresponsible man was my blood-related uncle.

Grandma continued.

“From the priestess hand gestures, Tong Hui found out that there would be a big festival at the tribe in two days.

She was required to be there to host the ceremony.

The priestess brought them three days of food.

This was exactly what Tong Hui wanted.

Tong Hui enjoyed her company because this was their last soiree together, but of course, the priestess didnt know that.

After she left, he started to plot his escape route.”

Grandma exhaled, “Human nature should never be tested.

Love is illusory..

The one who treats it seriously will lose!”


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