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Chapter 460: Transformation

Translator: Lonelytree

Grandma looked at me.

“Nanxing, I need to ask you one more time.

Are you sure that man is the love of your life”

I held her hand and nodded firmly.

“Yes! Im sure!”

Grandmas gaze fell on my wrist.

“Nanxing, I do have an antidote, in fact, I have two.

The first one is better than free-spirited grass.

Itll combine your blood and my medicine.

However, its effect is similar to forget-me-not.

After he takes it, he can only follow you for the rest of his life.

He will be forced to love you or, at the very least, stay with you.

If he changes his mind, hell die from a literal broken heart.”

I looked at her and asked calmly, “However, in essence, this antidote is still a poison, right”

Grandma sighed, “Nanxing, youre as clever as your mother.”

I smiled.

Grandma looked at me, “Nanxing, there is another antidote.

The power of forget-me-not lies in love and emotions.

Therefore, once you remove a persons faculty for love, the poison will be cured.

In other words, this antidote will make the man forget the woman who poisoned him… but also the other women he loves in the process.

He will be immune to this type of poison for the rest of his life.

His state of love will become an empty slate.

He will forget everything about you.

Nanxing, this is your choice.

No matter what you choose, I will respect it.”

I fell silent.

Xiao Yi said anxiously, “Sister Xing, of course, the first choice is better!”

I looked at Grandma.

Her expression was peaceful.

She nodded her head gently.

“Nanxing, human nature is not to be tested.”

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That was true.


“Grandma, I choose the second one,” I said softly and firmly.

Xiao Yi panicked.

“Sister Xing!”

I raised my hand to stop him from speaking.

“Grandma, his current state makes me ache.

I love him more than I love myself.

I hope for him to be well.

For that, I am willing to pay any price.

Even if he has to forget me, I am willing, as long as he can be healed.” My tears fell on the black peach blossom on my wrist.

Jing Tian will forget me.

Just the thought of it made my heart bleed.

Weve experienced two lifetimes of heartache, and we still cannot be together.

How much longer do we need to walk on this road before we can reach the end

However, if I used medicine to keep Jing Tian by my side, he wouldnt be Jing Tian anymore.

I wouldnt even be Nanxing.

I clenched Grandmas hands tightly.

“Grandma, please help me.

I have no regret.”

Grandma didnt say anything.

She stood up and said, “Wait for me!”

When she came out again, Grandma changed into a long black dress.

Her hair was tied up high, and she had elegant makeup.

Any sign of old age was gone.

She looked like a foreign beauty.

Xiao Yi was dumbfounded.

He rushed into the master bedroom, second bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even the balcony.

Then, he looked at the woman in front of him in a daze.

He opened his mouth but couldnt say anything.

Grandma looked at him with a smile.

Xiao Yi muttered, “Are you still my Grandma”

Grandma slapped his back hard.

“I raised both you and your mother.

So, should you call me Grandma”

“Grandma!” Xiao Yi cried.

Grandma and I looked at each other, and we shared a smile.

“Grandma, you must have suffered a lot to avoid my uncle.

However, my uncle has been missing for years.

He should be dead already.” I said apologetically.

The rich and powerful always had drama.

Grandma said softly, “Without Tong Hui, there are still others.

Forget-me-nots formula and antidote are both priceless treasures.

If people found out my real identity, there shall be no end to it..”


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