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Chapter 463: Heartache

Translator: Lonelytree

Then, it dawned on me.

“Jing Tian was in so much pain that day because he refused to accept Tong Yans order to kill me”


When I checked on that woman, she was ramming her head against the wall.

Jing Tian would feel all her pain but greatly intensified.

A normal man would have cracked already.”

Tears welled up in my eyes.

Jing Tian was in such pain because he didnt want to kill me.

Instead, he told me that hed wait for me in the next life.

He didnt have any intention of killing me at all.

Ma Ji wiped my tears.

“Stop crying.

I know that you two truly love each other, so Ill help.

However, Nanxing, there is a price to pay for everything, especially when it comes to love.

Its rare for true love to blossom, so youll face all kinds of challenges.

Youll have to leave before Jing Tian wakes up.

Dont let him see you, and give him time to recover.

When he can see you next, hell fall in love with you all over again.”

I smiled and nodded with tears in my eyes.

“Ma Ji, you have a strange way of comforting people.

What if there is no next time for us to meet Or perhaps hed move on before we did.”

Ma Ji patted my hands.

“I will make sure that hell never lay an eye on another woman.”

I couldnt help but laugh.

“Ma Ji, youre very interesting.

My mother must really like you.”

A hint of sadness appeared on her face.

She nodded slightly.

“I like your mom too.”

I reached out to touch Ma Jis hand lightly.

“Ma Ji, he shouldnt have to waste his life for me.

I have already thought this through.

Im fine with anything as long as he has a good life.

In the past, I thought lovers should die together, but at that moment, I only wanted Jing Tian to be alive.

I could die for him.

As long as he is alive, I am fine with anything.”

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Tears rolled down my face.

I tried my best to smile.

“Ma Ji, when you really love someone, youll wish the best for them.

If he fell in love with another woman, then I would accept it.

He told me that he love me, and that is more than I can ask for.”

Ma Ji gently used a piece of paper to wipe away my tears.

She sighed.

“In that case, why are you still crying”

I gently shook my head, I smiled.

“The heart still hurts.

He has forgotten me, so at least hell be spared the pain.

But I will never forget him.

In my life, therell always be a hole in my heart.

Ma Ji, the strongest poison in the world, is love.

There might be an antidote for forget-me-not, but there is none for love.”

Ma Ji sighed, “Such is the tribulations of love.”

I nodded slightly.

Blood loss made me weak, and I fell back asleep for two more days.

I didnt ask Ma Ji how much blood I lost, and she didnt tell me.

Certain details didnt need to be known.

On the day I left my bedroom, Jing Ni and Mai Qi hugged me.

They cried.

I couldnt cry because there was no reason to.

My little uncle hugged me and whispered, “Im sorry I cant protect you..”


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