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Chapter 467: Confrontation

Translator: Lonelytree

Ye Qians expression turned extremely unsightly.

I said proudly, “Your jealousy of others wealth and power is like the poison in Jing Tian.

It corrodes your heart.

So what if you forced Nanyang to her death and took her place You cant erase the fact that Jing Ning is a widower and youre his mistress.

You have a chance at a brighter future, but you dont care to fight for it because youre afraid of being mocked.

In that case, no one can help you.

If anything happens, the fault lies with no one but you.”

Ye Qian said coldly, “It seems that Jing Tian is seriously ill.

Otherwise, you wouldnt be in such a bad mood.

Nanxing, youre born with a silver spoon.

Everyone gives you face because of Tong Le and Jing Tian.

Do you think Im really afraid of you If I didnt come from a bad background, I wouldnt have wasted so much time lying to you!

“There is nothing absolute in this world.

When I first came to M city, the Nan family was so famous, and Nanyang was so arrogant.

So what It has only been two years.

Joint Creation has taken over this place.

You can go inside and take a look.

Theres not a single trace of the Nan family left!”

I nodded with a smile.

“Youre right.

In just two years, the Nan Group has turned to Joint Creation.

Who would have predicted that Ye Qian, isnt it wonderful to talk like this At least I feel great to see you like this.

Youre not pretentious anymore.

I hope to meet this version of you on other occasions.

Show your true colors and stop pretending!”

I stood up and placed a money note under the cup.

Looking down at her, I said, “Theres one more thing I want to tell you and the people behind you.

I will never forgive anyone who hurt Jing Tian and me.

I will make you suffer hundredfold for the pain we have suffered! Youre not the only one who knows how to be cruel!”

I left without waiting for Ye Qians reply.

After finding the pleasure to mock people from Tong Yan, I found it addictive.

I had no time for fake people anymore.

For example, the despicable pair walking towards me.

Gu Nians expression was complicated, but Lu Yan was more exaggerated.

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“Nanxing Nanxing, its so good to see you.

Are you okay I heard that you and Jing Tian were both poisoned and were on the verge of death.

How are you Are you better now Wheres Jing Tian” She threw herself at me, wanting to give me a warm hug.

These women were amazing! How did they manage to act as nothing had happened Were they in cold sleep when Jing Tian and I went through a life-and-death experience

I reached out a hand and pushed her away from my arm.

I looked at Gu Nian and said coldly, “Isnt it embarrassing to walk around with such a retard”

Gu Nian pulled Lu Yan back and said gently, “Nanxing…”

He didnt seem to know what to say.

I raised my head to stop him, and I said plainly, “Im not dead, and neither is Jing Tian.

Sorry to disappoint.

This means Jing Ning still doesnt have the final say in the Jing Family.

You havent achieved your goal.

I just met Ye Qian.

From now on, were enemies, so dont be such hypocrites.

Im physically and mentally exhausted, and I almost lost my life because of you.

Im already kind to talk to you like this.

Please dont ask for more.”

Gu Nian was very uncomfortable.

“Nanxing, Im sorry.”

“Theres no need for apologies in war.

Were on opposite sides, so watch out..” I said coldly.


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