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Chapter 47: Police Officers

Jing Ning gave Jing Yan a heavier nudge, “Apologize!”

Jing Yan said with a sobbing tone, “Im… Im sorry.” Then she broke out in an all-out sobfest.

You would think she was the one almost being sold by human traffickers.

Jing Ning glared at me coldly, “Nanxing, Jing Yan has already apologized.”

Does that mean I have to forgive her I pursed my lips and said nothing.

Jing Ning demanded, “Nanxing, when did you become like this Stop being so unreasonable! Youre standing here perfectly fine.

Jing Yan has already apologize, what more do you want”

I still didnt speak.

My little uncle who had been watching the show coughed.

“Erm, that someone, it was you who told Nanxing to shut up.

And since then, she has been following your orders.” My little uncles tone was sardonic.

Jing Nings face turned red and blue from embarrassment.

He too quickly apologized, “Nanxing, Im sorry.

Please forgive Jing Yan.”

I finally spoke, “Young Master Ning, everything is forgiven because the human traffickers failed to get me”

Jing Ning was stumped.

I turned to Old Master Jing, “Old Master Jing, Im sorry.

Even though Nanxing has done nothing wrong, this started because of me.

I do not want to make this larger than it already is.

Let it end here.”

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Old Master Jing was glad.

He grabbed my hand.

“Girl, you are such an understanding child.” He glanced at Jing Ning and Jing Yan, the siblings with disappointment.

He stood up and grabbed me and Jing Ni with each of his hands.

“Come, lets go eat.”

Jing Ni was shocked.

The seat Old Master Jing had her take was normally reserved for Jing Yan.

I sneaked a glance at Jing Tian.

From the start until now, Jing Tian had not uttered a word.

I was quite nervous, worried that he thought I was being too pushy and relentless.

However, to survive, I had no choice! I refused to be pushed around anymore.

My little uncle sauntered past me towards Old Master Jing, “Sir, Ive recently acquired a jade chess set.

Tomorrow, Ill bring it for you to appraise.”

Old Master Jing sighed, “A good chess set is meaningless without good company.

Jing Tian refuses to come back often to play with me.”

My little uncle laughed, “If you dont mind me being annoying, I will come play chess with you every day.

The only condition is that you will serve me good food like this every day.”

Old Master Jing laughed heartily, “You have a deal!”

Jing Tian followed behind my little uncle and said nothing.

We sat down at the dining table.

The others slowly took their seats as well.

Only Jing Ning and his sisters were too embarrassed to come take their seats.

At that moment, the butler came to report, “Old master, 7th Master, there are two police officers outside.”

Jing Tian ordered, “Have them come in.”

Old Master Jing was puzzled.

“Police officers Whats the matter this time”

Jing Tian answered, “Well know soon enough.” When the two officer saw Old Master Jing and Jing Tian, they greeted them respectfully.

It was Old Master Jing who asked, “Officers, why did you visit us today”

The officer answered politely, “Sir, we would like for Miss Jing Yan to come with us to the station.

We need to verify something with her.”

Jing Yan who sat the corner shivered.

She grabbed Jing Nings arm in fear.

“Big brother, Im not going!”

Jing Nings face darkened.

He said with suppressed irritation, “Officers, may I know what this is about”

The officer replied politely, “This is about a case of international human trafficking.

We need Miss Jing Yans assistance in the investigation.”

Jing Ning said, “Officer, that matter has been settled.

Jing Yan didnt have anything to do with that.

The target she wanted to have abducted is sitting right there!” He pointed at me.

The officer turned to me in surprise, “Miss, were you attacked recently”

I quickly shook my head.

“Officer, I dont know anything.

Im perfectly fine.” Then I glanced at Old Master Jing.

He nodded with approval.

It was the correct decision to not air the Jing Familys dirty laundry before the law enforcement.

The officer turned to Jing Ning, “Mr.

Jing, Im sorry but we only need to ask Miss Jing Yan a few questions.

Theres no need to worry.”

Jing Ning hissed through his gritted teeth, “Then can I go with my sister”

The officer nodded.

Jing Ning turned to Jing Tian.

“Seventh uncle, you are member of the Jing Family.

You wouldnt sit there and watch the family being embarrassed, right”

Jing Tian said lightly, “You two are already adults.

You have to take responsibility for what youve done.

The Jing Family is embarrassed to have raised unfilial young generations.

However, it wont be embarrassing if the Jing Family faces the mistakes done by these children with openness and righteousness.

No one is going to threaten the family to help wipe their asses for the excuse of preserving the face of the Jing Family!”


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