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Chapter 478: Sadness

I let Xiao Yi out of the car, and then I jumped in and took Xiao Yis ride.

They all said that my driving skill was hopeless, but I was happy with myself.

Since I had no passengers, I was happy driving on my own.

It was almost dusk, and the sun was slanting against the sea.

There was no wind, and the quiet sea rippled slightly, twisting the sunlight in little pieces.

It was so beautiful that it was sad.

My thoughts spread like vines.

Every root pierced into my heart.

I couldnt see any blood, but it was extremely painful.

I had lived two lives.

And they were completely different.

In my previous life, Nanxing was weak and incompetent.

She was cheated in marriage, betrayed, divorced, and lost her son.

She almost lost his life.

It was Jing Tian who saved her and brought her back to life bit by bit.

In this life, in order to stand by Jing Tians side, I changed my fate and lived a completely different life.

However, I still couldnt stand by his side.

I chose to leave him for him.

Three years.

I didnt know what would happen in these three years.

I no longer existed in Jing Tians memory.

Everyone hoped that he would remember me.

Everyone thought that he would remember me.

Only I didnt have any hope.

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If there were no hope, there would be no disappointment.

I love him! I hope that he will have a good life.

As long as he is healthy, nothing else matters.

Yes, that is it. I leaned against the car door and told myself with certainty.

I should be satisfied if Jing Tian could live a good life! And not hope that hed one day come to watch this sunset with me.

I got back into the car and drove back home.

Then, I rushed to the gym and exercised hard.

I exhausted all my energy, hoping for a good sleep.

One with no dream.

My dads notebook had a calming effect.

It contained my parents love story.

It was quite sickly sweet.

From what I heard, my dad, Nan Zheng, was an unsmiling professional elite, a business mogul, and a clever schemer.

My Mom, Ms.

Tong Huan, was supposed to be a resolute and decisive underworld leader.

However, after reading my fathers diary, my impression of them changed immediately.

They were cute and ditzy.

Nanzheng wrote that when she saw Ms.

Tong Huan for the first time, his heart stopped.

He couldnt imagine such a beautiful person existing in the world.

What else could he do but to marry her

I never thought their love was so old-fashioned.

It was love at first sight.

Nan Zhengs sweet and mushy entries made me break out in goosebumps.

What did my mother see in my father His mushiness

Nan Zheng wrote a lot of love poems for Tong Huan.

I really couldnt read through them without shivering.

I hugged the diary and rolled in bed until I fell asleep.

My daily routine was to look at the sea, go for a ride, and read my dads diary.

I muddled through the days, looking at the same people.

At night, I read my parents love story and cried myself to sleep.

The cycle repeated itself.

It was very fulfilling.

Xiao Yi would always follow behind me.

Even if we were on a private island, I could stir up trouble.

And Xiao Yi was there to clean up the mess for me..


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