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Chapter 479: Sadness

Translator: Lonelytree

I stirred up a hornets nest, but Xiao Yi ended up getting stung by a hornet.

Luckily, he had a grandmother who was a master at dealing with poison.

I wanted to study the ant hole, so I dug up half of the garden.

Su Shen and Su Qian scolded me until I refused to leave home.

It was also Xiao Yi who helped me restore the garden.

I dug up worms to feed the maids chicken.

Xiao Yi quietly held an umbrella for me.

He was afraid that the sun would burn my skin, so he tanned himself.

Su Qian finally lost her temper.

She locked me in the gym and taught me how to fight.

She made Xiao Yi my sparring partner.

She told Xiao Yi, “Instead of letting her mess around and having you suffer for it, we should do something practical.

Let her beat you up directly.

That is faster!”

Xiao Yi had a very good temper.

Even though he was in great pain, he allowed me to bully him without complaint.

Su Qian sighed and told me.

“If this can help you release your energy, then so be it.

Other than a few servants, Xiao Yi is the only male on this island.

Can you not drive him to his death”

I put on my gloves and attacked the sandbag in front of me.

“Then you have to find me something to do! I cant think of anything myself.”

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Su Qian looked at me.

“Nanxing, if you really feel that upset, then contact Jing Ni and Mai Qi.

Chat with them.

I believe they have many things to tell you.”

The sandbag bounced back.

I was caught off guard.

The impact made my nose ache, and I almost cried.

“Who said Im upset Im not! Im fine.

The island is so lively with me around.

Without me, do you think life here will be so exciting” I challenged.

Su Qian shook her head and sighed.

“Nanxing, you need to stop this.”

I took off my gloves and threw them on the floor.

Then, I lay on my back and panted.

Su Qian walked over to my side and sat down.

“Nanxing, you miss him, right We can receive his news any time we want.

Our mainframe in the server room is connected to Dragons Gate and Sky City.”

I shook my head.

“Su Qian, dont torture me.”


I shook my head and stopped her.

“Su Qian, let me unwind for a few more days.

After that, Ill live my life like normal again.


Su Qian held my hand.

It was dry and warm, making me feel safe.

“Nanxing, even if Master Qi forgot about you, he wouldnt be doing it on purpose.

Eventually, hell remember you.

Youre engraved in his bones.

How can he forget you so easily So, you have to have faith in him.


I sat up, holding Su Qians hand.

The tears had fallen without me knowing.

“Yes, youre right.

I need to have faith!” I couldnt stop the tears.

Su Qian hugged me gently and patted my back.

She didnt say anything.

I hugged her back and cried silently.

I really wanted to control my emotions.

I really wanted to be happy.

However, I couldnt do it.

My tears had their own minds.

They fell out of my eyes even though I didnt want them to.

The pain in my heart was endless.

I couldnt hide them.

People say there were three things in this world that couldnt be hidden, poverty, cough, and love.

But I know there was a fourth, sadness.

As hard as I tried, I couldnt make the sadness go away..

I couldnt even hide it in a corner.


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