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Chapter 48: Police Report

On the way back, Jing Ni fell asleep on my shoulder.

My little uncle wanted to say something but he kept stopping himself.

I kicked him lightly on his feet.

“Uncle, just say whats on your mind!”

“Tsk!” My uncle grimaced from pain.

“I think you shouldnt call the police.

No matter what, you still have to consider the face of your teachers family, right” My uncle said earnestly.

“I didnt call the police!” I explained.

He was taken aback.

“It wasnt you”

I nodded, “I just wanted to teach Jing Yan a lesson.

Seeing how frightened she was, I was already satisfied.

I didnt go so far as to call the police.”

“I did.” Jing Tian suddenly admitted.

My little uncle and I were petrified.

Jing Tian explained, “Certain life lessons have to be taught by outsiders and the society.

Your family can only do so much.

I believe the siblings will behave themselves after this.”

My little uncle looked at him, “Well, Ol Qi… Im impressed.

But Im not sure if your nephew and niece will get your good intention.”

Jing Tian continued evenly, “If they do, then its great.

As members of the Jing Family, they shouldnt even needed to be taught this lesson to begin with.” His gaze fell on Jing Ni who was asleep.

“If they dont, then no matter how hard I try to teach them, they will only think that Im trying to harm them.

At the end of the day, Ive done the things I have to do.

My conscience is clean.”

I looked at Jing Tian.

If it was possible, I had fallen even more in love with him.

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Jing Ni and I returned to our school life.

My little uncle and Jing Tian busied with work too.

I didnt follow the situation with Jing Yan.

I admitted I was too soft-hearted to push for the kill.

Li Tian and Tian Ting didnt attend school for 2 days.

When they reappeared, they looked so dispirited.

They didnt even once try to fight me.

I hit a bottleneck in my physics studies so it was perfect that they left me alone.

However, I still got the update from Jing Ni when we returned home from school.

Jing Ning accompanied Jing Yan to the station.

Out of concern, he even called the lawyer to go with them.

Jing Yans crime was exposed fully at the station.

She was detained because all the evidence was available.

Jing Ning had to use a lot of money to pay for Jing Yans release.

The siblings were in as much hot water as possible.

Jing Yan naturally had to find someone to vent her anger.

So she forced Jing Ning to cut off business ties with the Li and Tian Families.

The Li and Tian Families both own small companies.

They depended on the Jing Family for survival.

To cultivate this connection with the Jing Family, they had done everything they could to kiss the Nan Familys ass because Nanyang was their sole connection to the Jing Family.

However, this time it was the Nan Family which caused their downfalls.

The parents from both families hauled Li Tian and Tian Ting to Jing Nings home.

Before Jing Yan, they slapped the two girls faces and forced the girls to kneel and kowtow to Jing Yan and Jing Ning.

This was a giant humiliation for Tian Ting and Li Tian who were normally so arrogant.

At this part of the story, I stopped Jing Ni to ask, “By the way, who is Lee Yang”

Jing Ni was startled before she laughed, “Nanxing, you really dont know him”

I shook my head.

Jing Ni sighed, “Nanxing, youre incredible.

I sometimes find there are parts of you that are quite similar to my 7th uncle.

Both of you only care about people and things who deserve your attention.

You dont care about anything else.”

I asked, “Is that a bad thing”

Jing Ni shook her head.

“Its not bad at all.

Its just an observation of mine.”

I laughed.

Honestly this was something I was working for.

Jing Tian was my role model.

He was the best human being I knew.

Hopefully one day, I would be qualified to stand by his side and become his most capable aid.

“Nanxing, your big sister is also involved in this human trafficking incident.

Strangely enough, Jing Yan didnt do anything to do to her while she has demanded such retribution from Li Tian and Tian Ting.” Jing Ni was feeling indignant on my behalf.

I patted her shoulder.

“Its fine.

Karma is always watching, thats my life motto.

There is no way my sister is extracting herself unscathed from this!” I knew Jing Ning would not allow Jing Yan to say a single bad things about Nanyang, after all, she was that flawless woman in his eyes!

I was truly blind in my past life.

In this life, I swore to stay far away from Jing Ning so that he wouldnt be there to taint my vision!


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