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Chapter 481: Memories

Translator: Lonelytree

The battle ended a little too quickly!

I walked around the battlefield as if I was taking a stroll.

When I encountered the straggler, I rewarded them with a single shot.

There were twelve pirates, the same number as the islanders.

These pirates were shameless.

They came fully armed to deal with normal people.

“Xiao Yi, I dont want them to dirty our Island!”I shouted at Xiao Yi.

Xiao Yi had just finished his battle, but he immediately responded energetically.

He called over a few of the islanders and lifted the corpses back to the pirates ships.

Then, the ships would be floated out to the ocean and be burned down.

We would take the rest of the ships as compensation.

“Being a pirate is not so bad.” I was in high spirits.

Su Qian glanced at me.


Those dead pirates are all perfect examples.”

I didnt think much of it.

“Thats because they overestimated themselves!”

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Su Shen seriously wiped her gun.

“Just say that you want to try being a pirate!”

“Thats right!” My eyes lit up.

Su Shen almost let her gun slip.

She glared at me helplessly and said to Su Qian, “Are you still going to indulge her”

Su Qian was visibly helpless.

I smiled.

“Is there a test to be a pirate Do you think Ill fail as one”

Su Qian sighed.

“Youll succeed.

Youll succeed at everything, but first, you have to stop lying to us.”

I didnt understand.

“What do you mean”

Su Qian asked, “How did you know that there were firearms under the greenhouse”

I was stunned.

Su Shen was stunned too.

She quickly asked, “When did you find that out”

I didnt say anything because I didnt know the answer either.

I just blurted out the location of the firearms without thinking.

I looked at Su Qian.

Su Qian walked over and rubbed my hair.

“There are ways to help with memory.

Do you want to give them a try”

After the pirates were defeated, I had nothing to do anymore.

I wandered about aimlessly.

But the big question still bothered me, how did I know where the weapons were

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something.

But there was nothing.

Su Qian sighed.

“Nanxing, why dont you go and visit every greenhouse Maybe youll be inspired”

I left immediately.

For the next ten days, I buried myself in my fathers diary and the greenhouses.

I really didnt know what to say about my dads diary.

They were rather imaginative.

Other than the profession of his love for my mom, there was nothing useful.

His love for my mother was enough to be compiled into a book!

However, my heart was calm.

I was relieved to know that my father loved my mother.

I asked Xiao Yi for a motorcycle and shuttled back and forth between the greenhouses like a fool!

However, sometimes, hard work was not rewarded.

I found nothing.

The second wave of pirate attacks came just when I was in the worst mood.

After the previous incident, Su Qian and Su Shen implemented full-angle real-time monitoring of the entire island.

I took some time out of my busy schedule to install an automatic surveillance and retaliation program.

As it turned out, they were very useful!

The second wave of pirates was so much larger than the first.

They came prepared with the determination to destroy the island..


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