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Chapter 482: Battle

Translator: Lonelytree

These people really thought we were that easily bullied.

I immediately rushed into the computer control room, and the entire island entered battle mode.

Su Qian and Su Shen were snipers, so I used the computer to help them keep watch.

Xiao Yi was the liaison, and he drove his broken car to deliver supplies to the front line.

The islanders were the people I had to protect.

I couldnt let anything happen to them.

We only have three fighters on our side.

Both Xiao Yi and I counted as half each.

We were definitely not as powerful as Su Shen and Su Qian.

Thankfully, I was not required on frontline.

I relied more on electronic equipment.

Fortunately, we had enough ammunition and explosives on the island.

The pirates were nothing before my weapons.

However, they had the numbers advantage, and they had nothing to lose!

Perhaps the pirates who were saved had exaggerated the beauty of this small island.

These people thought they would live like gods when they claimed this island.

It was why they came waves after waves, like zombies who didnt know fear.

I called out to Xiao Yi in the channel, “Xiao Yi, you can stop sending weapons to the frontline.

Get all the islanders and go to the greenhouse in your one oclock direction.

Theres a door on the second-floor basement.

Theres a bunker underneath.

Go in there!”

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I called for the assassin duo.

“Su Qian and Su Shen, switch positions.

Theyve already discovered the snipers and are moving towards you.

Immediately retreat.”

Xiao Yis voice was a little anxious.

“Sister Xing, were not retreating! We swear to die for you!”

“I dont need you to do that.

Stop talking nonsense.

Hurry up and send them over.

Dont forget to pick up your grandmother!” I berated him.

“What about you, Sister Xing Are you coming with us”

“Im not leaving! I still have to monitor this battle.

How can I leave Just listen to my orders.

These people are natives here.

They shouldnt be harmed because of me! I will leave them in your hands!”

On the screen, I saw Xiao Yi clench his teeth and smash the steering wheel.

Then, he turned the wheel.

I knew that he would definitely do as he was told.

Su Qian walked away without saying a word.

“Nanxing, help me keep a lookout.”

I quickly glanced at the computer screen.

“Ten oclock, three.

Six oclock, two.

Su Qian, be careful.”

I looked at another screen and shouted, “Su Shen, leave.

Youre surrounded.

Run towards your twelve oclock direction!”

Su Qian and Su Shen moved quickly.

Their individual combat ability easily surpassed one group of mobs.

However, they were outnumbered.

I increased the magnification of the binoculars and concentrated on keeping a lookout for them.

At the same time, I adjusted my automatic sniper position.

It was strenuous for three people to handle a war.

However, the pirates also didnt have the upper hand.

Four hours later, both sides reached their physical limits.

The pirates were beaten to a pulp.

In the end, they probably received a hint from their leader and quickly withdrew from the island.

However, they didnt leave.

They stopped out of the safe zone.

Theyre trying to trap us here!

O well.

We needed the time to rest too.

I informed Su Qian and Su Shen about the enemy situation.

They sat down to rest and vent their anger.

Xiao Yi had sent all the islanders to the bunker.

He drove back alone.

I told him to find his grandmother.

He had to move her to the bunker too.

Ma Ji cut into the channel through Xiao Yi.

“Nanxing, if youre not leaving, then Im not either.

I have no fear.

Ill go find you..” Ma Ji was very calm.


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