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Chapter 484: Unknown Enemy

“Nanxing, Ill go with you!” Ma Jis attitude was very firm.

“Wheres Tong Yan” I asked her.

This was a crucial situation.

I had to ensure that Tong Yan wasnt a threat.

“Dont worry.

Shes now my vessel.

She cant do anything.” Ma Ji said faintly.

A strange feeling arose in my heart, but there wasnt much time for me to think about it.

I pointed at my car and told Ma Ji.

“My driving skills are a little bad.

You might have to be mentally prepared.”

Ma Ji got into the car.

I stepped on the accelerator, and the car shot out with a bang.

Ma Ji grabbed the handrail on the roof and turned to look at me in surprise.

I apologized, “Im sorry.

Im not that good of a driver.”

Ma Ji smiled.

“Youre more suitable to drive a rocket.”

I didnt smile.

It was strange because Ma Ji was too relaxed.

She even had time to crack jokes.

Was it possible to use sorcery to defeat the enemy

Soon, I arrived at the beach.

Su Qian and Su Shen hadnt arrived yet.

I could see the pirate ships down the distance.

They lined up in a row and didnt advance or retreat.

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I sighed.

“How can I be so unlucky I just want to find a small island to live a peaceful life.

How can disaster strike even when I want to retreat from the world”

Ma Ji calmly said, “This has something to do with your constitution.”

I shrugged.

“You mean I have the tendency to attract tragedies”

Ma Ji softly sighed.

“Nanxing, you dont know much about your own background.”

Thats true.

I was just about to turn my head to look at Ma Ji when she coldly ordered, “Nanxing, dont move.”

A gun barrel was pressed against my temple.

The blood in my body froze.

“Ma Ji…” My voice was trembling.

No, my entire body was trembling.

Ma Ji chuckled.

“Nanxing, dont be angry.

I know youre not afraid, but youre angry.

Life is unpredictable.

Shouldnt you learn that by now Youre still too young.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw a signal flare rise into the sky and explode.

“Ma Ji, Su Qian and Su Shen are coming.

You wont get away with this!” I reminded her.

Ma Ji chuckled.

“Its fine.

As long as I have you, they wont dare to do anything.” Then, she raised her voice, “Nanxing has been poisoned.

No one can cure it except me.

If you know whats good for you, come out and surrender!”

I closed my eyes in despair.

There were really enemies everywhere.

A moment later, Su Qian and Su Shen slowly walked over.

I shouted, “Im not poisoned.

Dont believe her.

Kill her!”

Ma Ji said disdainfully, “Dont waste your energy.

Do you think theyll believe you or me”

I was speechless.

Su Qian and Su Shen obviously didnt dare to take the risk.

They could only trust Maggie.

The ships had started to move.

Ma Ji ordered Su Qian and Su Shen.

“Put down your weapons! Dont even think about putting up any resistance.

Ive poisoned Nan Xing.

Its useless even if you kill me.

My life is now tied to Nanxing and Jing Tian.

So you should listen to me obediently.

I wont make things difficult for you!”

Jing Tian!

I turned my head to look at Maggie.

The black barrel of the gun was pointed at the center of my eyebrows.

“What did you do to Jing Tian” I demanded angrily.

Ma Ji looked at me with pity in her eyes.

“Even now, you still care about that man”

I grabbed Ma Ji by her neck.

“What did you do to Jing Tian”

All the blood in my body started flowing.

The sound of blood pumping could be heard in my eardrums.

My patience had reached its limit, and my fingers tightened.

Ma Jis face turned purple..


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