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Chapter 487: Master San

“But why Grandma, you saved Master Qi.

Werent you moved by their love Sister Xing is Master Qis love! She has sacrificed so much for Master Qi.

What more do you want from her” Xiao Yis voice trembled as he questioned Ma Ji.

Ma Jis smile did not change.

“Silly child, dont act like this.

No matter how much you speak up for her, she wont trust you anymore.

After all, you are my grandson.”

Xiao Yi was furious, but there was nothing he could do.

The pirates gathered around us.

Ma Ji ordered them to take away everything they could.

“Nanxing, Im sorry.

Theres no reason to leave empty-handed.

You can only blame yourself.

Your parents left too much for you.

Consider this as sharing your wealth with the poor.” Ma Ji painted her robbery so beautifully.

I said lightly, “Money and wealth mean nothing to me.

Plus, I cant really do anything to stop you anyway.”

Was it my fault that my parents were rich

Xiao Yi clenched his teeth.

He watched from the side as the pirates carried our supplies and bullets onto the ship one by one.

His hands were clenched into fists and were slightly trembling.

The pirates brought out Tong Yan.

Her expression was dull.

She glanced at me indifferently before averting her gaze.

This made me very puzzled.

Shouldnt she be in high spirits After all, she had worked hard as bait to have me captured.

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Xiao Yi and I were escorted onto the ship.

The pirates couldnt stop cheering.

The crowd was excited and happy.

Ma Ji and I sat opposite each other.

Xiao Yi sat far away on the deck with a sad look on his face.

I couldnt help but sigh in my heart. What kind of unlucky fate was this! The tragedies were just endless! Even for a person who was reborn, this was an absurd amount of bad luck.

I adjusted into a comfortable posture as I tried to connect the dots in my mind.

Admiration crossed Ma Jis eyes.

“So, youre my uncle Tong Huis people Hes Master San” I asked.

She shook her head.

“Hes not the Master San.”

“Oh Master San is someone else” I furrowed my brows.

Things were so complicated.

Ma Ji nodded slightly.

“Now, can you tell me if Jing Tians poison is really incurable” I asked.

Ma Ji smiled, “You want to know if Jing Tian still remembers you”

I nodded.

“Thats right.

But what I want to know the most is whether youve really cured him.

Whether he really remembers me is not important anymore.

Perhaps its best he forgets all about me.”

Ma Ji sighed.

“You are such a foolish woman.

What is so great about Jing Tian that you love him so much Nanxing, youre exceptionally silly when it comes to love.”

I shrugged.

“Relationships are special.

Since youve never loved anyone, you dont understand such feelings.”

Ma Jis expression changed slightly, and her expression turned cold.

“What you call love is just wishful thinking on your part.”

I chuckled.

“Does it matter Love makes one feel happy.

Its great if love is mutual and it makes two people happy.

But if it doesnt, then its not so bad for me to retreat to the side and bless him.

That makes me happy too.”

Ma Jis expression was filled with disdain..

“Is that really the case Nanxing, why are you lying to yourself Can you really do it It doesnt matter what happens to you as long as he is happy”


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