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Chapter 488: Guess

Translator: Lonelytree

I shrugged.

“Of course, its not that easy.

But saying things requires no effort.” I smiled slyly.

I was happy to see Ma Jis expression turn ugly.

Ma Ji asked, “Arent you curious who I am Why did I capture you, and what do I need from you”

I laughed indifferently.

“Whats the point of asking that You wont let me go either way.

Plus, I am never one to do things others want me to do.

Since you want me to ask you, then I shall never do that.”

Ma Ji sneered.

“No wonder people say that youre both good and evil.

Youre not a good person.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Really Do you actually have such a high opinion of me This is really shocking, but Im quite flattered.”

Ma Ji rolled her eyes at me.

“Such shamelessness.”

I laughed.

“Ma Ji, youve spent enough time with me to know that was a form of praise to me.”

Ma Ji let out a light breath, adjusted her emotions, and shut her mouth.

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I laughed.

“Since we have nothing to do, why dont I make some guesses You should be the main reason why my uncle is able to survive for so long.

Your big sister cast the blood curse, but even you cant remove it.

However, you are able to extend his life and alleviate his pain.

Thats why he kept you by his side.

Youve spent your entire life treating his poison.

Youve even used Yan Yu as your vessel, yes”

Ma Ji didnt answer.

I shrugged.

“Theres no need to confirm or deny it.

After all, it is quite obvious.

You used my blood to cure Jing Tian.

Have you tried this method with Yan Yus blood before No, wait, you would have used your own blood to try this first.

“The antidote is love.

You love Tong Hui, so theoretically, it should work, but it didnt.

So you tried to use Yan Yu.

You were both anxious and hopeful.

If it worked, then it meant the man loved Yan Yu more than he loved you.

So that means you two are love rivals.

It is why youve treated Tong Yan so badly even though you two are technically from the same camp.”

Ma Jis face darkened.

I thought for a while.

“So… Both you and Yan Yu love my eldest uncle deeply.

However, neither of your blood can save him.


Ma Ji turned her head away.

I chuckled.

“You were lucky because you had the chance to experiment on Jing Tian and me.

However, it worked! So, I am now a precious vessel for you.

You want to use my blood to save my eldest uncle, right”

Ma Ji pursed her lips tightly.

“Nanxing, youre really smart.”

I shook my head.

“Not really.

It only requires a little logical thinking.

So, now can you tell me if Jing Tian is fully cured”

Ma Ji nodded.

“You have guessed almost everything but one.

Yan Yu is a vessel Who do you think she is Do you think she is qualified to be my vessel”

I nodded.

She was jealous.

Yan Yu was quite unfortunate.

“Jing Tian is really cured, but I gave him another poison to forget everything about you.” Ma Ji looked at me provokingly.

“Im doing this for his own good.

Im taking you with me no matter what.

Once he forgets about you, he wont be in pain, and he wont think about coming to save you.

Itll save me a lot of trouble.”

I couldnt help but nod.

“That makes sense.

I cant argue with that.

It seems that I should thank you!”

“Of course..” She nodded shamelessly.



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