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Chapter 491: Uncle Tong Hui

Translator: Lonelytree

Ma Ji averted her gaze guiltily for a moment.

I smiled.

“Of course, I will help you with that! Its a piece of cake!”

Ma Jis smile brightened.

“But what about the fact youve poisoned Jing Tian” I asked out of the blue.

Ma Jis smile froze uneasily on her face.

I replied with a bright smile, “I will seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

Im a very petty person.”

Ma Ji retracted her smile.

I found it very funny.

I smiled, “But youre only doing it for our own good, right Since I would start a new life by my eldest uncles side, I wouldnt have anything to do with Jing Tian anymore.

With my background, it will be no problem for me to find someone better than Jing Tian.

After all, there are many people in this world who move on from love quickly, yes”

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Ma Ji nodded immediately.

“Thats right, Nanxing, youre so smart!”

That is because youre too stupid! However, how can I be fooled by something so stupid I was so ashamed I wanted to drown myself in the sea.

I didnt see Tong Yan until I got off the boat.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

To be honest, I didnt see her as an eyesore anymore.

She was just a tool, a pathetic tool.

However, I had to admit Ma Ji was amazing at controlling someone.

When I first met Tong Yan, she was arrogant and domineering.

Now, she was lifeless.

I gave her a provocative whistle, and she coldly turned her face away.

Before I got off the boat, my eyes were covered with a black veil, and my hands were tied.

“Nanxing, Im sorry.

but this is necessary.” Ma Jis voice was filled with a sincere apology.

I said calmly, “Youre too greedy.

You treat me like this, and you still expect me to put in a good word for you before my eldest uncle But if you dont treat me like this, youre afraid that Id run away.

Either way, this is not looking good for you.”

Ma Ji smiled wryly.

“Nanxing, sometimes its better not to say anything.

Plus, its better to have friends than enemies, right”

I shrugged.

“Like I care about that.

You care more about that than I do.”

Ma Ji didnt say anything else.

I was pushed into the car.

At this point, I didnt have anything to care about anymore.

I heard Xiao Yi was pushed into the car too.

I stopped for a moment.

“Ma Ji, youre still bringing that little trash along”

Ma Ji was stunned.

“Do you want me to kill him”

I hurriedly said, “No, no, no, what would you think that Im such a kind person.

Xiao Yi was once my subordinate.

He could be loyal to you or to me.

Either way, theres no need for us to harm him, right”

I smiled brightly.

“Lets go!” Ma Ji got into our car, and it flew out at lightning speed.

Since I was here, I would take things as they came.

My heart was as calm as water.

Through the glass door, I saw my uncle, Tong Hui, lying in the ward.

He was lifeless.

From my point of view, he was no different from a corpse.

Only the flashing numbers on the various instruments beside him proved that he was still alive.

Ma Ji changed into her white coat and entered the ward.

She was anxiously communicating with a person who looked like a doctor.

From time to time, she would turn around to look at me.

At this moment, I felt like a fish on a chopping board.

I felt like I was about to be cut up into meat to be fed to the person in bed.

I thought about it, and I had to correct myself.

He wont eat my flesh, but he would drink my blood.

I was a blood vessel now.

I looked at Tong Hui, and I didnt feel any kinship at all.


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