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Chapter 496: Wait

Translator: Lonelytree

Xiao Yi told me that this island belonged to Tong Huis son, Mr.

Tong Zhuo.

Tong Zhuo locked his father up on this island to treat his illness, but Tong Hui wasnt very grateful.

This surprised me.

When I first met Tong Hui, he told me he didnt care about living anymore.

He showed little desire for life.

I thought he was lying to me.

It appeared like that was not the case.

“Im surprised my cousin, Tong Zhuo, is so filial!” I muttered.

Xiao Yi frowned.

“That might not be true.”

“What do you mean” I didnt understand.

Xiao Yi said, “Everyone is quite afraid of Mr.

Tong Zhuo.

I hear that Mr.

Tong Hui and Mr.

Tong Zhuo arent on good terms.”

Not on good terms Then why was Tong Zhuo trying everything to save his father

Plus, Tong Hui made it sound like we would be a big happy family when we first met.

He said Tong Zhou would like me and take care of them.

Then again, this could all be a long game for him.

Xiao Yi nodded.

“Its true.”

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I didnt say anything.

I felt that something wasnt right.

“Where are Tong Lin and Tong Yan” I asked.

“Also Yan Yu and Yan Xin.

All these old friends.

Where are they”

Xiao Yi said briskly, “They dont have much status on the island.

Theyre basically the same as me.

Theyre slaves.

They have to do everything they are told to do.

They dont have a will of their own.

They have quite a miserable life.”

I was a little puzzled.

“Arent they Tong Huis children”

Xiao Yi pursed his lips.


Tong doesnt admit that theyre his children.

His only child is Tong Zhuo, even though he didnt like Mr.

Tong Zhuo that much either.

However, he still treats Tong Zhuo better than his bastard children.”

“But Tong Yan acted like she owned the world.

Why is that” I recalled.

Xiao Yi suddenly stopped talking.

I raised my eyebrows.

“Is there something wrong”

Xiao Yis face turned a little pale.

“Miss, Tong Yan has been disposed of.

Before you came, they had to rely on her blood to heal Tong Hui.

Even though her blood couldnt cure him, it could alleviate the pain.

Thats why Tong Yan was so arrogant.” Xiao Yi then became flustered.

“Miss, I heard the horrible things they did to Tong Yan when she was the blood vessel.

Would they do the same thing to you”

I honestly had no idea.

As we were chatting, someone came to invite me.

“Miss, Sir wants you to see you.”

Xiao Yi and I looked at each other, feeling a little nervous for some reason.

Xiao Yi immediately blocked in front of me.

“Miss isnt feeling well now.

Shell go meet the master after two days.” Tong Le would arrive in two days.

The silly child was quite quick on his feet.

The man didnt even look at Xiao Yi.

He repeated, “Miss, Sir wants you to see you.”

Xiao Yi became even more nervous.

He stood in front of me and refused to let me go.

I stood up and patted him on the shoulder.

“Its alright.

Your guess might not be right.

Let me go.”

Xiao Yi insisted on following me.

He wanted to protect me.

I consoled him.

“Its alright.

Good people dont live long, but horrible people live for a thousand years.

Im a horrible person.”

Xiao Yi was on the verge of crying.

“Sister Xing, you… I… What should we do”

“What can we do Well deal with whatever comes our way.

Whats the big deal Dont worry.

If something were to happen, it would have happened a long time ago.

Why would they wait until now” I comforted him.

Reality proved that I was really a walking jinx.

Bad things were about to happen.

And they had been waiting patiently while brewing up the intensity..


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