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Chapter 500: Explosion

Translator: Lonelytree

Xiao Yi became silent.

I said softly, “Lets hope that little uncle and others can come on time.”

Xiao Yi nodded.

“They definitely will!”

We hoped for the same thing.

We often heard from Auntie Lan and Auntie Bai Rui that we shouldnt insult the divine because they were always listening.

However, clearly, I wasnt following their advice.

And I suffered greatly for it because the Gods were indeed listening in.

So, in the next two days, a giant accident happened.

Tong Hui invited me for another sumptuous dinner.

Before I could be there, the tragedy struck.

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Tong Zhuo arrived on the island.

I had not seen Tong Zhuo before.

He was like a legend to me.

He must have heard about Tong Huis recovery, so he came back to take a look.

However, Tong Hui was prepared for this and laid down many traps to deal with his son.

The two fought like they were not father and son.

I was the collateral fish caught in the fire.

Tong Zhuo somehow heard about me, and he wanted to snatch me away from his father.

Xiao Yi and I were injured.

We were caught in a firefight.

Then, we were captured by a group of strangers.

After all, Tong Huis people came to capture us back.

I was confused and furious.

Why were they doing this to us

“Miss, go to the main building to look for Mr.

Tong!” Tong Huis men shouted at Xiao Yi and me.

Xiao Yi pulled me and ran.

I staggered on my feet.

I shouted at him.

“Okay, Bodhisattva, Im sorry for offending you.

Please save us.”

Xiao Yi pleaded, “Sister Xing, we need to run and save ourselves!”

Bodhisattva didnt come.

It must be because we didnt pray hard enough.

I ran as fast as I could.

Tong Huis villa appeared in my view.

As I approached the huge house, the building turned into a giant beast with a wide-open maw to consume me.

When I thought of this, I couldnt help but hesitate for a moment before pulling Xiao Yi back.

Xiao Yi turned back to look at me and said anxiously, “Sister Xing, hurry up.

We need to find a safe place first.

We need to be alive when Master Si arrives!”

Of course, he made sense.

I was too suspicious lately.

When I was about 500 meters away from the villa, I really couldnt run anymore.

I pulled Xiao Yi to a stop and said with a bitter smile, “I cant run anymore.

Besides, who can tell if the villas really safe”

Xiao Yi was anxious.

“Tong Hui is inside the building, so it must be safe here.

Sister Xing, hang in there.

Well be there soon!”

I sighed.

How unlucky were we

If Tong Zhuo had arrived two nights later, we would have escaped from this place already.

“Xiao Yi, is it possible for you to inform my little uncle about what is happening here and get him to come now” I asked.

Xiao Yi was on the verge of tears.

“Sister Xing, thats not possible.

Once the communicators were used, they were destroyed, or theyd be detected.”

I smiled bitterly.

I raised my head to look at the safe house before us.

Before I could decide what to do, the villa lit up in a giant ball of flame.

It was as bright as day.

Xiao Yi and I were dumbfounded.

In front of my eyes, the huge villa exploded!

Xiao Yi and I flew out..

He tightly protected me in his arms.


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