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Chapter 503: Cooking

Translator: Lonelytree

Banxia didnt lie to me.

The dinner was very sumptuous.

My uncle was already waiting for me at the table.

He was very thin.

His face had an old sickly look, but his eyes were very spirited.

When he looked at me, his face was always full of a kind smile.

I felt like I had a mental problem.

My uncle treated me very well, but I didnt feel connected to him at all.

I suspected that I was born cold-blooded.

Or I had lost my feelings like I had my memory.


Ma Ji stood beside him, putting food in his bowl.


Ma Ji occupied a strange position in the family.

She was not my aunt, but she was also Mrs.

of the family.

To put it plainly, she was a mistress.

Her uncle treated her as if she were his assistant, secretary, and bodyguard.


Ma Ji always tried to get into my good book, but I was cautious around her for some reason.

“Youre finally back” My uncle smiled.

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I sat down, and Banxia quickly scooped some soup for me.

I held a small bowl and took a deep breath.

“Bamboo chicken soup”

Banxia wasnt particular about food.

To her, anything that could fill her stomach was delicious.


Ma Ji smiled.

“Nanxing, your nose is amazing.” I took a spoonful and said, “The taste is very good.”

The three of them looked delighted.

My uncle said, “Its rare for you to like something.

Try the other dishes and see if the new chefs cooking is good or not.”

Banxia gave me a piece of stir-fried beef.

This taste was also to my liking.

I nodded.

The three of them watched me taste the dishes one by one.

I was quite satisfied with every dish.

It was evident that the three were relieved.

My uncle said, “Its hard to find food that suits your appetite.

You should eat more.

Youre too thin recently.

If the sea breeze is stronger, Im afraid that youll be blown away.”

“Am I thin” I muttered.

Banxia nodded.

“Miss is too thin.

You should eat more nutritious food.

Sir and Madam will be very happy if you can eat five meals a day.”

I rolled my eyes at her.

“Five meals a day Do you think Im a pig”

Banxia laughed.

“I just want Miss to eat more.

Your appetite is so weak.”

My uncle said, “Ma Ji, give Nanyang some medicine to increase his appetite.

This child is too thin.”

I didnt raise my head.

I slowly drank the bamboo chicken soup.

It was delicious.

I was very thin and weak.

Every month, when I had to take a blood test, Ma Ji would take a long time to find a drawable blood vessel.

Because of my strange illness, I would have a tube of blood drawn every month.

Then, I had to eat a bunch of strange-smelling medicine.

They said that it was to recuperate my body and treat my illness.

The medicine never stopped, but my memory didnt improve at all.

I didnt understand why I still needed to have my blood taken.


Ma Ji smiled.

“Ive been doing that.

This process will take long.

Her body has suffered terribly in the past.”

My uncle sighed.

“Its all my fault.”

I hurriedly said, “Uncle, how is this your fault My body was too weak, so I lost some weight.

It doesnt matter.

So what if Ive lost a little weight I wont die.

I dont want to be like Banxia, who always thinks about losing weight.

She cant even eat anything.

Its quite pitiful.”

Banxia placed my most-hated vegetable, broccoli, on my plate..

“Miss, you cant hurt my heart like that.”


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