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Chapter 507: Signal Flare

Translator: Lonelytree

I carefully jumped behind another rock.

I was very familiar with the beach.

I often stayed here alone for a whole day.

I knew the location of every rock.

Even with my eyes closed, I could navigate the shore.

Fortunately, there were many lamp posts on the island.

They were not very bright, but they were enough.

Just as I thought of this, the glimmer of light disappeared.

I turned my head to look at the island, and the power was out!

I bit my lip.

However, there was no fear in my heart.

I had to find the guard post as soon as possible to see what had happened.

I had to think of a way to send out the warning signal.

Whether it was in time or not, I had to try.

The nearest guard post was only a few breaths away from me.

In my desperation, I realized my night vision was pretty good.

I wondered if it was natural or I had trained in the past.

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The guard post was a tall lighthouse.

At this moment, it was dark.

Most of the guards died.

I rarely gave them much care.

I only knew that the guards had equipment on them like a signal flare.

My life was too easy.

I was trapped in my emotions every day.

I didnt care about anything around me.

This seemed to be Gods punishment for me.

I calmed down and tried to find something useful.

I tripped and almost fell.

I realized that I had tripped over someone.

My heart sank.

The motionless person had to be a guard.

I crouched down to search the body and found a baton, a gun, and a flare.

Thank God!

I strapped the gun to my belt, gripped the baton, and fiddled with the flare.

I didnt know what I had done, but the flare suddenly jumped out of my hand and whizzed into the air.

I jumped in fright.

The flare exploded high in the sky.

For a moment, the beach was as bright as day.

My heart stopped beating.

The beach was packed with ships and filled with men with guns.

Time and space paused for a moment.

My body worked faster than my brain.

By the time I realized what was happening, I had already turned around and was running toward the island.

The bullets chased after my footsteps.

The sand that was stirred up hurt me even though I was wearing a thick pair of sweatpants.

“Miss…” Banxias voice sounded in front of me.

“Banxia, run back quickly!” I shouted at Banxia.

Since I was already exposed, I wasnt afraid anymore.

Banxias stamina was better than mine, and she ran faster than me.

She didnt abandon me.

Instead, she ran over to help me.

I never ran so fast in my life.

I used all my strength.

I finally reached the first embankment.

Banxia pushed me behind a rock.

I coughed violently and sat down against the rock.

Banxia leaned against me while looking back.

“Banxia, there are so many people by the sea…” I panted.

Banxia didnt turn around.

Her voice was filled with nervousness.

“Miss, what should we do”

I didnt know.

I supported myself against the rock and stood up.

I looked around the island.

I knew that a large group of people had already arrived on the island.

There were people with guns.

Most of the people on the island were like me.

They didnt have any consciousness of danger.

How could they fight against such a well-equipped and well-prepared army

“Boom!” A loud sound rang out.

A blinding light illuminated the night sky.

Banxia and I held each others hands tightly.

That was the security camp..

That was the islands central defense, and it was gone.


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