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Chapter 516: Date

Translator: Lonelytree

Is it possible that I have someone who loves me dearly

“Miss, are you okay” Banxia asked anxiously.

Banxia helped me stand up again.

The dizziness was gone, and so was the auditory hallucination.

I lowered my head to look at myself and shook my head gently.

“No, Im fine.

Perhaps it was because Im hungry”

I looked at them apologetically.

Daisys face was filled with heartache.

She supported me and said, “My poor miss, quick, lets go eat first.”

When she saw the breakfast, Banxia couldnt help but let out a cry of pleasant surprise.

It was really too sumptuous.

“When we were on the island and on the ship, we never had such a sumptuous breakfast.

Miss, we should sit.

I have never seen such a wonderful breakfast, let alone enjoy one.” Banxia kept chattering.

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Daisy pulled out a chair for me, and I sat down elegantly.

She carefully picked bits of the food and plated them for me.

“Miss, what is your favorite The chef doesnt know your preference yet.

So please forgive him.”

I took small bites of the food Daisy recommended.

Banxias eyes widened.

Daisy smiled.

“Banxia, whats wrong”

Banxia swallowed the egg dumpling in his mouth.

“Daisy, Ive never seen Miss eat so much.”

Daisy looked at the portion I had finished.

“This is too much At your age, you should eat more and move more.

Look at how thin Miss is.

Miss, you must eat more.

Ill have the chef cook more often.

Well feed you up!”

I smiled.

“In the future, Im going to be like Banxia, complaining about losing weight every day.”

Daisy smiled as well.

Daisy was like a wet nurse, treating me like her baby.

Lu Heng and Vincent walked in.

Lu Heng stopped a little further away.

He stood with his hands behind his back and looked serious.

Vincent walked forward.

He bowed and said, “Miss, next week, in the Vice Presidents private residence, there will be a birthday party for the Vice Presidents wife.

Because of Mr.

Tong Hui, the vice president has sent us an invitation.

I want to confirm with you whether you want to attend it or not.”

I looked at him.

“What do you think”

Vincent explained, “Most of the people living on this island are Chinese, and they are all very rich.

Ever since Sir and Madam left, we have closed our doors, and we no longer participate in the activities on the island.

Half a year ago, Mr.

Tong Hui sent a letter saying that Miss was coming to stay.

We opened our doors to the world then.

Every influential party on the island immediately included us in their invitation.

However, we rejected all of them since Miss hadnt returned.

So, Miss, will you participate this time”

I casually asked, “Is there any special about this party”

Vincent replied, “The vice president is a shoo-in as the next president.

Every important character will be there.

The birthday party will be grand.

This is the perfect chance for us to familiarize ourselves with the people on the island.

In addition, I heard that the presidents nephew would attend the party.

The young master came to the island last year to mend his illness.

Its said that he is incredibly handsome and very talented.”

I was stunned by what Vincent said.

His hint couldnt have been clearer.

“Are you setting me up on a date” I asked.

Vincent nodded.

“Back then, Madam believed Miss should be a mother by the time Miss was 23.

Miss, you should find a boyfriend soon..

If the legend is true, I believe this Young Master Jing Tian is worthy of Miss.”


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