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Chapter 518: Computers

Translator: Lonelytree

I suddenly asked, “Why do you suspect that Jing Tian is one of the Seven Brothers”

Lu Heng muttered, “Because I cant find out his background.

His name is Jing Tian, and Master Qi has that name too.”

“So they share the same name.” I quite liked the name.

Jing Tian and Nanxing.

Nanxing and Jing Tian.

For some reason, I smiled.

I turned towards the window, so Lu Heng didnt see it.

Lu Heng sighed softly.

“Ive heard some legendary stories about them, but Ive never seen them in person.

Its a pity that they died so young.”

Lu Heng was in his early twenties.

My uncles were from the previous generation.

It was normal that Lu Heng didnt know anything about them.

I suddenly looked forward to the party.

Lu Heng introduced the buildings and scenery to me as he drove.

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There was a large shopping mall in the center of the island.

I signaled for Lu Heng to stop the car.

I wanted to go for a walk.

Walking through the mall, I was a little dazed.

These things didnt feature in my memory.

On my uncles island, everything was rationed.

I was handed everything.

I didnt have to do anything.

Standing there, I had a strange feeling of having come home.

Lu Heng parked the car and came to follow me.

I strolled in and was immediately attracted by the computers in the electronic shop.

The shop assistant enthusiastically introduced the various functions of the computer.

I didnt listen to a single word he said.

My fingers were on the keyboard.

Joy floated up my heart, and I couldnt put it down.

“I want to buy this!” I said to Lu Heng.

The shop assistant immediately said, “Miss, you have a good eye.

This is our newest computer set.

Its performance…”


I dont want this set.

Give me this hard drive, that ram…” I pointed at the different hardware, interrupting the shop assistants incessant chatter.

The shop assistant was stunned for a moment before he hurriedly said, “Okay.

Miss, youre really an expert.”

What I wanted wasnt the most expensive, but it was the most effective.

Lu Hengs gaze was deeply fixed on me.

I turned a blind eye to it.

He took the receipt and went to pay the bill.

I touched the keyboard again, and my heart was filled with happiness.

“Bring out your most expensive computer for me.

I want the pink one!” A delicate voice sounded from behind me.

I didnt turn around.

The shop assistant hurriedly said, “Hello, Miss Fu! We dont have pink for this version.

But we have a white version.”

“Then, go and order a pink one for me.

I only want a pink one!”

“Miss Fu, how about this set then We have the pink version for this set.”

“No, I want the most expensive set!”

“Miss Fu, although this set isnt as expensive as that set, its performance is very good.”

“Liar! How can its performance be good when its not the most expensive”

I was using the show computer to try out various functions when a shop assistant came over with a wrapped new computer.

“Miss, please check your computer.”

I reached out to take it, opened the packaging, and carefully took out the computer.

“I want this computer!” A hand reached out from behind me to take my computer.

I instinctively avoided that hand.

At the same time, I raised my elbow and knocked the person.

A scream of pain came from behind me.

I hugged my computer and turned my head around coldly.


“Miss Fu…”

Everyone surrounded us.

I saw a little girl in a pink dress sitting on the ground.

She looked to be about eighteen or nineteen years old and was very beautiful.

Her makeup was exquisite, but her expression was extremely angry as she glared at me fiercely.

“Beat her up!” She ordered her subordinates furiously.


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