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Chapter 519: Jing Tian

Translator: Lonelytree

Two maids were helping her up.

There were four or five bodyguards behind them.

The bodyguards rushed over.

I held my computer and looked at them in silence.

The computer was new, and it would be a waste to slam them with it.

However, I didnt know if I could defeat five of them by myself.

At that moment, I realized I was too weak.

Lu Heng was still off paying the shop assistant.

The first man rushed over.

I turned around and dodged his fist.

I lifted my leg and kicked him.

He collapsed to the ground and couldnt get up.

The second man and the third man attacked together.

My reaction speed was too slow.

The fist flew at my face.

I subconsciously closed my eyes.

However, the fist did not fall.

I opened my eyes and was stunned.

The fist was caught by a hand.

The bodyguard was shoved back, and he cried in pain.

My gaze landed firmly on the face of the person in front of me.

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He was very tall.

The way he looked at me was indescribably gentle.

I had never seen such a good-looking man.

At least, not in my memories.

His gaze was so gentle, so gentle that my heart warmed.

I wanted to melt in his gaze.

I stretched out my hand, wanting to caress his face.

This was a subconscious instinct.

However, rationality took over.

My hand stopped in mid-air.

I couldnt help but ask him, “Do I know you”

He didnt say anything, only looking at me with that gentle gaze.

“My name is Nanxing.

What about you” My voice was slightly trembling.

But probably only I knew that.

I waited for his reply.

The world fell away, and the man was the only thing that remained.

However, a sharp voice shouted, “Beat this woman to death!”

It was the pink woman.

The bodyguard didnt dare to rush forward.

“Miss!” My vision blurred, and Lu Heng blocked in front of me.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the pink figure rushing towards me.

I raised my leg to kick her, but my kick didnt land.

The man roughly pulled her away and threw her to the two maids.

I was very unhappy! No, I was furious, but I couldnt tell why!

“Miss, lets go!” It was obvious that Lu Heng didnt want me to cause any trouble.

He reached out for my computer and protected me as we walked out.

“Nanxing! Im Jing Tian!” A low, magnetic voice came from behind me.

This voice was the voice I heard when I was hallucinating.

It was the voice from my dream.

I turned around to look at him.

I was at a loss.

“Nanxing, are you angry with me” There was an indescribable pain in his eyes.

My heart softened, and I shook my head.

“Im sorry, I dont have any memories of the past, but I feel like I know you.”

“Nonsense! Why would my cousin know a walking stick like you Right, cousin” The pink woman grabbed his arm, and she looked at me gloatingly.

My gaze fell on his arm.

He didnt hesitate to let go of the pink womans hand and stepped aside.

I was very satisfied.

“Nanxing, come home with me.” He took two steps forward and looked at me.

Is he… inviting me to his home

I was stunned.

“Miss, we should go back.” Lu Hengs face was cold as he stood between us.

“Cousin! You dont even know who she is.

Why are you inviting her” The pink woman stuck back to the man.

My eyes dimmed..

I turned around, and walked out without saying a word.


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