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Chapter 528: Trust

“Miss, how come Ive never seen you use a computer before You dont even like to watch TV on our island,” Banxia asked me as she helped me tidy up.

I asked casually, “Ma Ji said Im allergic to computers, right”

Ban Xia was shocked and stopped me.

“Miss, really Are you really allergic to this”

I pushed her away.

“Im just teasing you.

Lu Heng said that I used to be an internet addict, so my uncle didnt allow me to touch the computer.”

Banxia suddenly understood.

“So, Miss, you never knew that there was a computer center on the island, right”

I nodded and didnt look at her.

Her hand suddenly covered my hands.

I looked up at her and our eyes met.

She said softly, “So, Miss, you suspect that Im a spy arranged by Sir and Mrs.

Ma Ji You suspect that Im working for them”

I looked at her and suddenly didnt know what to say.

Banxia withdrew her hand as if she had a huge blow.

She fell to the ground and began to sob.

“Miss, you saved me.

Without you, I would have died a long time ago.

How could I betray you I will never betray you in my life! Miss! Now we dont even have an island anymore.

You are all I have left.”

Banxia was crying her eyes out.

As she cried, she told me everything that had happened since we met.

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I looked at her.

My fingers moved quickly on the keyboard.

Banxia was out of breath and sobbing.

She finally stopped crying.

I waved at her

She looked at me with an angry pout.

I waved at her again and pointed at the computer screen.

Banxia shuffled over, and I showed her the computer.

On the screen, there was a little girl with braids.

She was crying so much that her tears and snot were flying everywhere.

She was rolling on the ground and crying so much that she couldnt catch her breath.

“Ah, is this me” Banxia pointed at the little girl in surprise.

I smiled and nodded.

Banxia leaned in closer, “How did you do this, Miss”

I leaned back against the pillow and said proudly, “I heard from Lu Heng that I used to be an internet addict.

I guess all those years of being an addict paid off.

Amazing, no”

Banxia nodded.

“Miss, youre too amazing!” She showed her admiration on her face.

I looked at her.

I suddenly straightened my face.

“Banxia, a person without memories has no sense of belonging.

Its a very uncomfortable thing.

My uncle is the closest person to me, but as you can see, I was deceived by him and Ma Ji.

I cant even trust them, so who can I trust”

The smile on Banxias face disappeared as tears welled up in her eyes.


I waved my hand.

“But I trust you.

I saved your life.

Plus, you hadnt lied to me or harmed me.

If you hadnt brought me to the computer center that night, I would be fertilizer on the island already.

So, you have already saved me once.”

Banxia quickly waved her hand.

“No, Miss.

It was a coincidence that I thought of the computer center.

It was an important place on the island.

People cant go there normally.

Since the situation was so critical, I believed someone had to be protecting that place…”

I nodded.

“Thanks to your cleverness, or we would have died back there.

Banxia, weve been through life and death together.

If I cant trust you, who can I trust”

I looked at Banxia sincerely.

Banxia nodded emotionally and cried again..


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