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I finally managed to coax the emotional Banxia away.

I sighed in relief.

Holding the computer, I began my operation.

I first hacked into the villas surveillance system and walked through it.

I found the main control area.

The surveillance system was very old.

It was clear that neither Vincent nor Daisy was good at this.

The network was still from my parents days.

Lu Heng was very strong, but in terms of computers skill, he was probably on par with Banxia.

He took over the security of the villa but did not put much effort into the network surveillance.

Someone knocked on the door, and I swapped to another window.

Daisy brought in a man in a light-colored suit.

I was stunned for a moment.

This person was not my previous doctor.

Daisy said, “Miss, our family doctor had a car accident.

Today, his colleague will take his place.”

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I couldnt help but feel my heart sink.

The previous doctor drew my blood, and the results werent even out yet.

Why was there a new doctor

The doctor walked over with a warm smile on his face.

I was stunned when I saw his familiar expression. Did we know each other

“Nanxing, its so nice to see you again!” The doctor said.

I was petrified as I looked at him.

He put down the medicine box in his hand and sat down on the chair in front of my bed.

“Im Lin Ran.

I used to tutor you in your senior year, so youre half my disciple!”

I was dumbfounded when he introduced himself.

Daisy was even more surprised.

“Doctor Lin” She turned to look at me.


I looked at Doctor Lin Ran.

“Do I know you”

Lin Ran shrugged.

“Yes, Ive known you since you were still a little girl.” He pointed at my left hand.

“You were a lousy student, so I used a ruler to hit your hand.

Its great that you lost your memory.

I was afraid that you would hold a grudge against me!”

I couldnt help but open my left hand to take a look.

He laughed.

“Silly girl.

Its been so many years.

Will you still have a scar”

His smile was so bright that it lit up my heart.

“How can I regain my memory” I blurted out.

Lin Ran stopped smiling and looked at me.

He sighed softly.

“Nanxing, this is the second time youve asked me this question.”

I was stunned.

Daisy was stunned as well.

Lin Ran was here for the first time.

Lin Ran explained.

“This is the second time youve lost your memory.

The first time was when you were six years old.

You had a car accident with your parents.

Because of the injuries and intense stimulation, you lost all your memories from before you were six years old, including Jing Tian.

How tragic!”

I listened in a daze, but he stopped.

“And then” I had no choice but prompted.

Lin Ran shrugged.

“Then, you forgot about him for the second time.

Ive never seen a man as unlucky as Jing Tian.

He was kidnapped when he was young and saved by a young lady.

In the end, the young lady lost her memory and forgot about him.

He spent a lot of effort to get the young lady back and became her fiancée.

In the end, in order to save him, his fiancée was kidnapped.

When he found her again, she lost her memory once.

Sigh! He must have accumulated a lot of bad karma in his past life.

That is why his luck is so bad in this life!”

“Im his fiancée” I asked.

Lin Ran nodded.

“Yes! You were the one who pursued him.

Of course, he would have pursued you too.

But you beat him to it.”

Daisy was flabbergasted.





Daisys expression was stunned. Doctor Lin, are you out of your mind Are you sure youre a doctor


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