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Daisy said, “Doctor, Ive invited you to treat Miss.

Why are you talking about these things”

“Ahem.” Lin Ran coughed lightly.

“Your blood test results are out.

Youre poisoned,” Lin Ran said directly.

I choked on his words.

“What What kind of poison” Daisy was so shocked that she almost jumped up.

She stood in front of Lin Ran.

“Doctor Lin, what kind of poison Miss has What kind of poison” She turned around and hugged me.

“Miss, my poor Miss.

How can you be so unlucky”

I quickly reached out to hug her and patted her broad back.

I looked at Lin Ran helplessly.

I didnt know what his IQ was like, but his EQ must be negative.

Lin Ran scratched his head.

“Lady, dont cry.

Im not done yet!”

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Daisy turned around with tears on her face.

Her eyes were about to spit fire.

“Youre not done Tell me, whats wrong with Miss Is it…” She couldnt continue.

I quickly patted her shoulder.

“Dont worry, Daisy.

I Wont die!”

Daisy hugged me and cried out loud.

But I felt like dying at that moment.

If I died, I would drag this Doctor Lin Ran down with me.

He was a quack!

“Daisy, dont be so agitated.

My poison can be cured!” I comforted Daisy.

Daisy immediately perked up.

“Really Miss”

I nodded and pointed at Lin Ran.

“Why else is he here If he cant cure me, then tell Lu Heng to kill him for me!”

Lin Ran and Daisy were both shocked by my cold and decisive tone.

Lin Ran rubbed his nose and laughed dryly.

“Nanxing, you havent lost your personality even though youve lost your memory.”

I was slightly stunned.

Gu Nian had said the same thing.

Daisy finally calmed down.

“Doctor Lin, what kind of poison did Miss have Is she so thin because she is poisoned”

Lin Ran did not answer.

Instead, he asked me, “Nanxing, how do you feel”

I answered honestly, “The poison in my blood should be some kind of antidote.

Thats why they have been drawing my blood regularly to feed that man.”

“Who” Lin Ran and Daisy said in unison.

“Which bastard would treat Miss like this” Daisy was beyond furious.

I looked at them and let out a light sigh.

“This isnt important right now.

Doctor Lin, do another blood test now.

I want to know if my blood has changed.”

Lin Ran looked at me in surprise.

I nodded.

Daisy didnt understand either.

I could only explain, “I ate a lot of chocolate yesterday and vomited a lot of blood.

I feel that my body is a little different today.

Doctor Lin, please do another blood test.”

I rolled up my sleeves.

Lin Ran nodded.


He immediately opened his medical kit.

My arm was skinny.

If one looked carefully, one would be able to see the many needle marks on the crook of my elbow.

Lin Ran touched the crook of my arm with his finger.

He immediately grabbed my other arm and pressed his fingers on the crook of the elbow.

He gritted his teeth..

“Ill get Jing Tian to kill those bastards.”


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