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After Lin Ran left, I felt drowsy.

I thought vaguely, whats the worst that could happen I felt good vibes from him.

I would accept his kindness.

Who knew what would happen tomorrow.

My life had been full of ups and downs.

I might as well just enjoy the present.

When I woke up, it was already dusk.

I actually felt a little better.

I didnt need Lin Rans test results.

I knew some of the poison had been neutralized after that parasite left my body.

Ma Ji, you better not be dead.

Give me a chance to take revenge!

I had a very strong feeling that my uncle and the mysterious Ma Ji might have been involved in that explosion.

Or there could be a bigger conspiracy happening around me.

Lin Ran was right.

It didnt matter if I remembered anyone or not.

The important thing was I had to live.

I had to take revenge.

I needed to be alive to take revenge.

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Ma Ji had harmed me for three years, but I was still alive.

Of course, it was possible that she didnt want me to die.

I had to thank her for it.

I pressed the summoning bell.

Daisy and Banxia appeared at the door of my room like the wind.

“Miss, youre awake”

“Miss, are you hungry”

I smiled at them.

Daisy walked over and touched my forehead.

“This Doctor Lin is really not bad.

Miss, you look much more energetic.”

Banxia also walked over.

“Miss, you look like a different person.

What medicine did this Doctor Lin give you”

Lin Ran hadnt really done anything, but I didnt correct them.

“Daisy, Im hungry.

I want to eat noodles.” I was worried that my stomach was permanently damaged after that thing had been in there for so long.

Daisy quickly nodded.


Ill get someone to make it right away.

What kind of noodles do you want to eat, Miss”

I thought for a moment.

“Actually, how about porridge I dont want to eat anything greasy.”

Daisy nodded.


She jogged away.

After she left, Banxia came over and held my hand.

“Miss, you look much more energetic now.

You dont look as sickly as before.

This doctor is really not bad.

Hes also very handsome!”

This girl is a nymphomaniac!

I thought for a moment and said, “Banxia, Daisy will handle my daily life from now on.

Shes very good at these things.

You dont need to worry about them anymore.”

“Then what should I do Miss, am I that useless” Banxias face was filled with worry.

She was afraid that I would despise her and abandon her.

I smiled.

“Just accompany me.

Ill tell Daisy thats your main task from now on.

You dont need to do anything.”

Banxias eyes widened.

“So, that means I dont need to do anything”

I nodded.

“Isnt that good”

Banxia was in disbelief.

“Its good that I dont need to do anything anymore.

But a sedentary lifestyle makes me feel uneasy, Miss!”

I smiled and said, “Youll get used to it.

When my body is better, and I can go out and exercise, youll come with me.

You can carry things for me when we go shopping…”

“Oh, I know what I can do.

Ill protect Miss.

If someone bullies the lady, Ill rush over and beat him up.

If I cant beat him up, Ill take a beating on Miss behalf!” She said.

I thought about it and said, “Thats fine too.”

Banxia became excited.

“Then Ill find Lu Heng to learn some self-defense techniques.

That way, Ill be able to serve the Miss in another manner!”

I smiled and said nothing.


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