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Daisy brought in a bowl of noodles and a bowl of porridge.

Banxia helped Daisy arrange the food neatly.

I ate half a bowl of noodles and drank some porridge.

Daisy smiled happily.

Banxia said in surprise, “Miss, Doctor Lin is really amazing.

Ive never seen you eat so much before.

This is great.

I think youll be as fat as me soon.

Standing next to Miss, I dont need to lose weight anymore.”

Daisy said tenderly, “Thats great.

If Miss can be as strong as Banxia, Ill burn more incense sticks for bodhisattva.”

Banxia tilted her head and said, “I cant tell whether Daisy is praising me or mocking me.”

Daisy smiled.

“Why would I mock you When youre around, Miss is always happy.

You have no idea how grateful we are for that!”

Banxia immediately became pleased with herself.

I took the opportunity to say, “Daisy, Banxias life was saved by me.

She has been with me for many years, but she isnt familiar with house chores.

I want her to accompany me instead.”

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Daisy hurriedly agreed.

I asked her to call Lu Heng and Vincent in.

Lu Heng was very worried about me.

“Miss, I heard that youre sick.”

I nodded and told Vincent, “Uncle Vincent, I notice that all the security here is old.

Havent they been updated for years”

Vincent nodded, “Thats right.

We are still using the equipment left behind by Sir and Madam.

None of us understand the security equipment, so we havent touched them.

Fortunately, the security on the island is very good.

For so many years, nothing has happened.

There have been a few times when we had troubles with petty thieves, but they had all been taken care of by the guards.”

I understood.

“Uncle Vincent, Lu Heng is also in charge of security on my uncles island.

Most of his brothers were killed because they saved me.

From now on, Lu Heng will be in charge of the security here.” I turned to Lu Heng, “Lu Heng, find the remaining families of the Sea Wolves who died.

We need to give them compensation.

Of course, we have to treat the living ones better too.”

Vincent and Lu Heng nodded in agreement.

A flash of grief flashed across Lu Hengs eyes.

“Uncle Vincent, from now on, help me keep an eye on every family on this island.

Report to me every day.” Vincent was stunned for a moment before he nodded in agreement.

“Miss, we still have some businesses here.

Do you want to meet the managers”

I was stunned for a moment before I nodded.

“Alright, you can arrange the time.”

Vincent left with a face full of joy.

I looked at Lu Heng and calmly said, “Lu Heng, Im not sick.

Im poisoned.

I was poisoned when I was on uncles island.”

Lu Heng was shocked.

She looked at Banxia, who was standing behind me.

Banxia hurriedly waved her hand.

“I dont know anything!”

Lu Heng looked at me in shock.

I nodded.

“I felt some physical changes when we were at sea.

I wasnt sure then, but the doctor has just confirmed it.”

“Who did it” Lu Heng asked hesitantly.

I looked at him for a long while before smiling.

“Its not important anymore.”

Lu Hengs expression darkened.

He was smart.

I didnt need to spell it out for him.

“Lu Heng, this is my parents property.

Vincent and Daisy are people my parents left behind to serve me.

This place is different from my uncles island.” I looked at him calmly.

“Lu Heng, some things have already changed.

We are suspending your oath on the sea for a moment.

Ill give you a chance now.

However, no matter what decision you make, you can not turn back.

Ill only give you one chance.”

He lowered his eyes.

I waited for him.


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