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After a moment, he seemed to have made up his mind.

He knelt down on one knee and said, “Miss, Sea Wolf has sworn to follow you to the death!”

I looked at him and sighed.

I walked forward to help him up.


Remember your choice.

Ive entrusted the lives of this family to you.

We have no way to predict what the future will be like.”

Lu Heng looked at me with a clear gaze.

“Dont worry, Miss.”

I nodded.

After Lu Heng left, Banxia helped me sit down on the chaise in front of the window.

“Miss, that was a confusing conversation you had with Lu Heng.

What kind of riddles were you playing”

I looked at the scenery outside the window and smiled.

“There are no riddles.

I just wanted Lu Heng to choose whether to follow my uncle or me.

He chose me.”

Banxia looked confused.


When did Lu Heng say that”

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I looked at her indifferently.

“Banxia, if my uncle and Ma Ji came now, would you follow them or me”

“Of course, I would follow Miss!” Banxia said without hesitation.

“Miss, youve saved my life.

How could I live without you but…” Banxia looked at me carefully.

“Miss, do you suspect that it was Madam Ma Ji who poisoned you”

I didnt answer.

I just looked at her.

Banxia nodded.

She understood.

“Thats true.

Madam Ma Ji knows medicine.

She was the one looking after Sirs body.

If she doesnt like you, she can just throw you away.

Why would she poison you and pretend to be nice to you Plus, Sir knew everything she did.

He wouldnt approve of this…”

Banxia stopped.

She looked straight at me.

I smiled and gently stroked the wrinkles on my skirt.

Banxia knelt down in front of me with a pale face.

She grabbed my hand and said in a trembling voice, “Miss… Miss…” She shook her head.

“No, it cant be.

Sir said youre his only blood relative.

He… he loved you very much.

Madam Ma Ji also treated Miss well.

She even wanted to find you a boyfriend…”

Her hands were wet with sweat.

They fell to her knees, and she muttered, “How How How”

I looked at her and didnt interrupt her.

People had to understand certain things on their own.

It was pointless trying to persuade them if they couldnt see it themselves.

Banxia cried.

“Miss, then we used to live in danger every day, right”

I nodded slightly.

Banxia kneeled and hugged my waist, “Miss…”

I reached out and patted her back, “Im not dead yet, and I wont die.

Stop crying.”

Banxia held my hand as if she wanted to use the temperature of my hand to prove that I was still alive.

The fact that I was alive brought me more fear than actual death.

How could they have been so two-faced

Lin Ran did not disappoint me.

The results came out very quickly, and he found the Chinese medicine practitioner too.

I looked behind him.

I thought that Jing Tian would come with him.

However, he did not.

Daisy, Vincent, Lu Heng, and Banxia were all there.

I did not intend to hide anything.

Lin Ran looked very confused, and he handed me a report.

“Nanxing, these are the first and second blood sample reports.

We were unable to detect all the toxins in your blood, but the second blood sample shows that the toxins in your blood have gotten mild.

Whats going on”

I took the report but did not read it.

I put it aside and asked, “Is there any way to remove the remaining toxins in my blood”


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