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Chapter 538: Conditions


Lis expression was a little malevolent.

“You should be glad that she didnt die.

Otherwise, you would have bled out and died yourself.”

I was puzzled.

“But that worm has already been… vomited out.”

He nodded.

“Thats right.

That mother worm has disappeared.

You could remove it so easily because you were far away from that bitch, and she couldnt control it.

However, the mother worm had been in your body for so long that it had already nurtured two larvae.

At this stage, they are not strong enough, so they wont have much of an effect on you.

However, after another year, the larvae will be all grown up.

By then, even Buddha cant save you.

The bitch has your life in her hands.”

My gaze was as cold as ice.

“The larvae arent recent, are they”


Li nodded.

“They have been in your body for at least a year already.”

“Sir, do you have a way to save me” I asked straightforwardly.

“Of course, but I have conditions.” He was also very direct.

Lin Ran had been standing beside us the entire time.

He looked at me when I spoke, and he looked at Mr.

Li when he spoke.

At that moment, he immediately extended his hand to halt our conversation.

“Wait, Mr.


We have already made a deal.

As long as you heal Nanxing, Jing Tian will pay you anything.

You cant ask for more from the girl.”


Li glanced at Lin Ran and said nonchalantly, “He owes me.

I will ask him for the payment.

But the girl needs to pay me as well.”

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Li, thats not the deal.

Jing Tian will even give you his life as long as you can cure Nanxing!” Lin Ran said anxiously.

I looked at Lin Ran in surprise.


Li said, “What do I want his life for Hes barely surviving.

He should have been dead already, in fact.

I just want this girl to agree to one condition of mine.”

Lin Ran still wanted to say something, but I stopped him.

“Doctor Lin, lets hear what Mr.

Li has to say first.

I appreciate Jing Tians kindness, but I cant have him die for me.

Plus, as long as Mr.

Li doesnt take my life, Ill agree to anything.”


Li suddenly slammed the table, giving me a fright.

“Clever girl!” He rolled his eyes at Lin Ran.

“Dont worry.

I just want the girl to agree to let me stay with her.

I will guarantee that shell not be poisoned by voodoo again.

I will also heal her poison.

However, I need her to hand over the bitch to me to be dealt with personally in the future.”

Lin Ran and I were stunned.

I reacted first.

“Im more than happy for Mr.

Lin to stay with me.

However, Im not sure if Ill be able to see that woman again.

To be honest, I also want to meet her to settle some scores.”


Li laughed.

It was very joyful.

“Girl, shell come looking for you because if she doesnt come, shell have to die! She will cross the highest mountains to look for you! Speaking of the debt, do you want to kill her But death is too easy for her.

I will make sure that she has a life worse than death.

I guarantee that no matter how much you hate her, shell suffer greater with me.”

When he reached the end of his sentence, he was already gnashing his teeth.

I couldnt help but ask, “Sir, have you been harmed by her”


Li reluctantly nodded his head.

“She has to pay the price for it.”

I thought for a moment.

“Sir, how do you plan to cure my poison”

He could promise me the moon, but it was pointless if he didnt have a concrete plan.

I didnt trust anyone now.

It didnt matter if I didnt have any memories, but I couldnt be stupid.

I didnt want to be fooled by anyone again.

I didnt care how Ma Ji died.

I wanted to live.

I didnt want to become anyones puppet..


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