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Li looked at me deeply.

“Girl, youre lucky to have met me.

No one other than me will be able to help you.

However, the process will take long, and you have to suffer a little.”

I nodded.

That was fine.

Since it would take long, it meant that I would live.

I was used to suffering, so I didnt mind.

“Speaking of, you two probably have been schemed against.

Jing Tian is also in the same state.

In fact, I believe he was the one being poisoned first.

However, his poison isnt poisonous or fatal.

It only looked dangerous.

It created the impression that he was dying.

You probably agreed to anything to save his life.

That was how you fell for the bitchs trap.

And her goal is your blood.”

My blood I looked at him in confusion.


Li nodded and sighed.

“Your blood is a precious treasure.

If we use witchcraft to cultivate and refine it, it will have a more miraculous medicinal effect.

It might not be able to cure all diseases, but it can help prolong ones life and strengthen ones body.”

I widened my eyes and looked at Mr.

Li in disbelief.

What nonsense is he talking about

“Have you seen my blood before” I asked with difficulty.

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Li actually nodded.

Lin Ran stood at the side and quickly said, “Oh, that actually happened last night.

When he arrived, he immediately looked at your blood sample.” Lin Rans expression was a little strange.


Li smiled.

“I did more than that.

I tasted your blood.”

I was shocked by his smile and his words, and my back felt cold.

I looked at Lin Ran.

Lin Ran lowered his eyes and nodded slightly.


Li looked at me and sneered.

“Girl, modern technology cant deal with an ancient evil.

That bitch wants your blood not for research but for consumption!”

My heart shivered.

He was right.

“Why is my blood so special” I had to know.


Li Smiled.

There was actually some pity in his expression.

“Theres no answer.

Youre born with it.

“But, Girl, now is not the time to talk about these useless things.

Youre already in this state, so we need to detoxify the poison first.

I want to lure the two small larvae out, but I have another small request.”

He looked at me.

I nodded slightly.

“Do tell.”

“I want to keep these two larvae and return them to the bitch in the future!” There was strange cruelty on his face.

“Therefore, I need you to donate me a bit of your blood every month.

I need them to keep the two larvae alive.” He gestured with his fingers.

The amount he needed was half the size of his index finger.

I looked at him in astonishment.

“Sir, you can raise the larvae with so little blood”

He nodded.

“Yes, just a little bit is enough.

I only need the two larvae to live.

I dont need them to thrive.

Plus, we have to keep them alive so that the bitch will be able to find us.

How else is she going to find her way back to us otherwise”

I said with a disgusted frown.

“But the worm I saw was very big.

It wouldnt be satisfied with a little blood.” I couldnt help but close my eyes.

That worm was my nightmare.

He nodded in understanding.

“That was because it was thriving with your blood.

Actually, the bigger the worm, the more precious is your blood.”

I clenched my fists, and my tears fell uncontrollably.


Li Sighed..

“Girl, there are some things that are challenges that you have to face.

However, with me around, youll get better in the future!”


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