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Chapter 540: Shot

I took the tissue from Daisy and wiped my tears.

“Okay, I agree.”

I had no other choice but to trust this man.

I had to do something.

I would see it as a gamble.


Li was very satisfied.

He said to Lin Ran, “Go back and tell that kid that Im staying.

So he has to do what he promised me.

Otherwise, Ill have plenty of ways to deal with him and make him suffer!”

Lin Ran said disapprovingly, “Dont worry.

You want to get funding for twenty children to get an education, right Jing Tian has already arranged that the moment you landed on the island.”


Li was stunned.

Lin Ran puffed up her cheeks.


Li, you dont need to act like this to scare the girl.

Youre playing with fire.

This girl… Youll see for yourself in the future.

I wont spoil it for you!”


Li was confused.

He turned away from Lin Ran.

He straightened his face and said, “Well, the old monster who knows Chinese Medicine has to stay for three more days.

The detoxification process could be life-threatening.

Itll be better if hes around.”

Lin Ran immediately said, “Are you not confident”


Li was furious.

“What are you talking about What do you mean by that I just want to lessen this girls suffering.

When he hears the girl screaming from pain, wont it break that kids heart What if he suddenly comes over to point his gun at our heads”

Lin Ran smiled smugly, “Mr.

Li, I knew youre just a paper tiger.

To think youd threaten Jing Tian earlier, that almost scared me.

You had that unfathomable ancient creature aura, but youre just acting!”

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Li simply turned his head away and ignored him, looking extremely angry.

Things changed so suddenly that I found it hard to accept.

Vincent was calm and collected.

He went forward and asked, “Mr.

Li, do we need to prepare anything”


Li answered, “Yes, Ill make a list for you.”

“Then, Mr.

Li, please come this way,” Vincent said very respectfully.

“Uncle Vincent, help me arrange a place for Mr.

Li to stay,” I instructed.

“Of course, Miss.” Vincent led Mr.

Li downstairs.

I looked at Lin Ran.

“Doctor Lin, why didnt Jing Tian come himself”

The mocking expression on Lin Rans face immediately disappeared.

“He… erm is a little busy! Yes, thats right.

Hes busy.” Lin Ran clearly just thought that up on the spot.

I looked at him.

Lin Ran sighed.

“Nanxing, what sins do you think Ive committed in my previous life that I get to know the two of you troublemakers Youve given me nothing but things to worry about.”

I was confused.

Lin Ran sighed again.

“Nanxing, Jing Tian is seriously injured, so he cant come.

Its already a miracle that hes alive.”

My heart tightened for some reason.

“How did he get injured” I was very concerned about him, so these words came out of my mouth.

Lin Ran looked at me.

“Because of you, Nanxing!”

I was speechless.

“He went searching for Master Xu without sleep and rest.

The fatigue caused his old illness to relapse.

Before he could recover, he flew off to find Mr.



Li was imprisoned, so Jing Tian had to rescue him first.

Jing Tian was shot in the abdomen.

If the bullet had strayed slightly, he would have died.

Somehow, he managed to survive.

He arranged a lot of trivial things before he was willing to pass out.”

My heart pained, and my breathing caught for no reason..


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