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Chapter 541: Friends

“Can I go and see him” I asked carefully.

Lin Rans eyes lit up.

“Sure! Are you willing to do that”

I nodded.

“Im willing.”

Lin Ran rubbed his hands excitedly.

“Thats great! Jing Tian wont allow me to request for you to come along to see him, but this time I didnt say anything.

You were the one who made the request, right, Nanxing”

Even though I found his reaction a little strange, I still nodded in agreement.

“Yes.” Then, it hit me.

“He doesnt want me to see him”

“No, its not that!” Lin Ran quickly waved his hand.

“Of course, he wants to see you, but… things are complicated between the two of you… You have to be the one who takes the initiative for the meeting to happen.” Lin Ran said vaguely.

“Why” I asked him, puzzled.

“Why must I take the initiative”

Lin Ran scratched his head.

“I dont know the specifics.

Anyway, Jing Tian cant see you if youre not willing.”

I tilted my head and thought for a while, but I couldnt figure out why.

This Jing Tian was a little pretentious! In contrast, Gu Nian came to find me on his own accord.

With that in mind, I asked Lin Ran, “Doctor Lin, do you know Gu Nian”

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Lin Ran was obviously stunned for a moment.

His smile disappeared, and he nodded.

“Were acquaintances.”

“What about Jing Tian and him”

“Those two They are quite close… Nanxing, has Gu Nian come to look for you” Lin Ran asked after a moment of hesitation.

I nodded honestly.

“He came to visit me at home.

He was very happy to see me.

He said that he had once taken a knife for me, so he probably saved my life.

However, I dont remember anything.

Did you know about this”

I felt that Lin Ran was one of the people that I could trust now.

I was still cautious about his words, but I had a feeling he had a good character.

I trusted him.

Lin Ran looked at me and shook his head.

“Nanxing, this matter is a little complicated.

Its not something that can be explained in a few sentences.

Why dont you ask Mai Qi and Jing Ni”

Mai Qi

Jing Ni

My head suddenly hurt.

I touched my forehead and inhaled.

It felt like an electric current passing through me.

“Nanxing” Lin Ran noticed that something was wrong with me.

That feeling disappeared, and I was stunned for a moment.

“Who are Mai Qi and Jing Ni” I asked Lin Ran.

Lin Ran looked at me with a sorrowful gaze, but he finally smiled.

However, his smile was a little bitter.

“Nanxing, Mai Qi and Jing Ni are your best friends.

They will be willing to give up their lives for you!”

“Then, where are they now” I asked in a daze.

My heart felt a little sour.

I really couldnt remember these people.

Lin Ran sighed.

“Nanxing, they cant wait to rush here immediately… But we dont think you can withstand too much emotional fluctuation.

We dont even know what the situation of your amnesia is.

We dont dare to stimulate you too much.

Even Jing Tian is humbly waiting for you.

He will only see you if youre willing.

Do you understand”

I believe I did.

I nodded.

“So, itll be fine if I go see him”

Lin Ran nodded.

“I think so.

At least its safer than him suddenly appearing in front of you and dropping a lot of info on you.”

I thought of Gu Nian.

Some people would always be concerned about you.

Theyd rather hurt themselves than hurt you.

Some people wont..


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