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Chapter 542: Color

“Will something happen if I get too emotionally stimulated” I asked Lin Ran.

I could feel like they were cautious around me, like they were walking on eggshells.

Lin Ran nodded, “Nanxing, you have a tendency to go violent once you lose your emotions.

We believe it has to do with the fact that youve witnessed your parents death when you were young.

At first, only Jing Tian would be able to calm you down when you were out of control.

After that, Tong Le could do it.

Mai Qi and Jing Ni could help to a certain degree.

However, now that you have lost your memory, Jing Tian is worried that he is unable to help you anymore once you lose control of your emotions.

Nanxing, can you understand that”

I could! And I was touched.

“Doctor Lin, take me to see him.

I dont have any memories.

I dont remember anything from the past.

I have let everyone down.

Please give me some time…” I was very sincere.

Lin Ran stood up happily.

“Of course, Ill take you there.

And Nanxing, its fine that you dont remember anything now.

Well take it slow.

Jing Tian and Tong Le only want you to heal.

That is the most important thing.”

I nodded.

“Tong Le” I repeated the name lightly.

Lin Ran nodded and looked at me.

He said seriously, “Nanxing, Tong Le is different from Tong Hui and Tong Zhuo.

Hes your little uncle.

He really dotes on you.

He doesnt know that Tong Hui and the others are still alive.

All these years, he single-handedly revived the Tong family.

He thought only the two of you were left in the Tong family.

Hes still adjusting to the news as well.”

Lin Ran defended Tong Le.

I nodded perfunctorily.

There were some things that I wanted to judge for myself.

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Lu Heng drove Lin Ran and me to Jing Tians place.


Li came back with us.

He wanted to discuss my treatment plan with Mr.


The scenery outside the car window was extremely unfamiliar to me.

I didnt know why, but I still have memories of my uncles island.

However, everything was grey.

The three years were grey.

The sky was grey, the sea was grey, the buildings were grey, even the people were grey.

But now, everything that entered my eyes was colored.


Li, my vision seems to be different from before,” I said softly.

I didnt turn to look at him.

“You should only be able to see black, white, and grey in the past, right If youre seeing colors now, it means that the mother worms poison is weakening.” Mr.

Li was not surprised at all.

Lin Ran was happy.

“Thats a good sign! Mr.

Li, does that mean that Nanxing will recover very soon”


Li shook his head.

“Its not that optimistic.

I still have to discuss with that old monster.

Its good that the girl is coming with us today.

Well have that old monster check her pulse again.

Then, well come up with something.

Hes good at medicine, and Im good at poison.

For the girls illness, we have to use both medicine and poison.

However, the ratio is hardest to grasp.

Even Im not so confident.”

Lin Ran was shocked.

“Then, then what should we do You, you cant use our Nanxing as an experiment!”


Li glared at him and ignored him.

I smiled.

Speaking of which, Mr.

Li is quite reliable.

If he were 100% confident, then I would find him suspicious.

After all, even Ma Ji was not 100 percent confident when she wastreating me..


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