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I got up from the bed gently and sat down on the chair by the bed, looking at him.

He adjusted his posture carefully and slowly, half leaning against the headboard of the bed.

He pressed his hand on his abdomen carefully.

“Does it still hurt” I asked him.

I thought I still hadnt recovered my memory, but the words of concern came out of my mouth naturally.

Jing Tian nodded.

“A little, but I feel much better now that youve stayed with me all night.”

He looked at me and smiled.

He was very good-looking.

I had never seen such a good-looking person before.

Perhaps it was because I hadnt seen that many people on the island.

They all had gray faces.

The people in my dream had no faces.

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“Nanxing, did you have a nightmare” Jing Tian asked me.

I nodded hesitantly.

I believed him, and it was my intuition that I could tell this man everything.

“Yesterday, you were very emotional.

Master Xu and Master Li came to perform acupuncture and a ritual on you.

They said you would dream and remember some memories through it.” Jing Tian said gently.

I suddenly realized something.

“Did they do something to recover my memory”

He nodded his head slightly.

“Sadly, they cant do much because they dont know if youve lost your memory due to psychological trauma, physical trauma, or someone had done something to your memory.

They didnt want to rush into things, so they chose the safest method.”

I nodded.

I would remember this kindness.

I looked at Jing Tian and watched him.

As I did, my tears fell.

I wiped them away gently.

“My heart hurts when I see you injured.

I care about you, and I trust you, but I cant remember anything about you.”

Jing Tian was very happy.

He reached out his hand to me.

“Nanxing, come and sit beside me.”

I hesitated for a moment.

My body moved on its own.

I sat by his side.

He put his arm around my shoulder.

We leaned against the pillow.

“Nanxing, its been three years and four months since we last met.

I miss you so much.” Jing Tian rubbed his hand against the side of my head.

I couldnt bear it.

“Then, were you very sad”

Jing Tian nodded his head lightly.

“To be exact, I was in hell for the past four months.

In the first three years, due to Ma Jis poison, I didnt even remember you.

I was very irritable and had a bad temper.

It was hell for people around me too.”

I was surprised.

“You were poisoned by Ma Ji as well”

Jing Tian nodded his head.

“Is the poison cured now” I knew Ma Jis insidious poisons all too well.

She would cure her poison, but it would come at a very hefty price.

Jing Tian nodded again.

He looked at me.

“Nanxing, Im sorry.

Im the one who dragged you into this.

If I werent poisoned, you wouldnt have fallen for Ma Jis trap.

Ma Ji kidnapped you with me as leverage.

Im sorry.”

Jing Tian hugged me in his arms and rested his head on my shoulder.

“Im sorry, Nanxing.

Im the one who harmed you and made you suffer.”

I really liked being hugged like this.

But I didnt understand why he said he harmed me.

What did it have to do with him

Ma Ji caught me for my uncle.

My uncle caught me to get my blood.

When I was on the island, he said he kept me around because he needed to treat my illness.

But in my dream, he wanted to exchange me for more wealth.

It had nothing to do with Jing Tian, so he didnt have to blame himself.

I reached out my hand and patted his back cautiously and hesitantly.

“Its alright.

It has nothing to do with you.

Dont blame yourself.

Its my problem, not yours.”

I comforted him.


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