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Li became excited all of a sudden.

“See, I told you Im right! That has to be it.

Tell me all about it.”

I frowned.

Why did it feel like Mr.

Li actually took a guess And he couldnt believe he was that lucky either.

Either way, I didnt mind listening to Jing Tians story.

Jing Tian told us the story that I had once told him.

In that dream, after my parents passed away, I was raised by my uncle and married Jing Ning, Jing Tians nephew.

However, Jing Ning abandoned me, and my parents inheritance was stolen by my uncles family.

My cousin Nanyang and my husbands mistress, Ye Qian, conspired to persecute me.

I was kicked out when I was pregnant and jumped into the sea out of despair.

It was Jing Tian who saved me.

I was too traumatized and mentally unstable.

Jing Tian had always been by my side.

I was still being hunted down by others.

It was also Jing Tian who had always protected me.

We were together for seven years before I finally became normal.

Jing Tian wasnt a person who was good at telling stories.

He told them in a straightforward manner.

However, Mr.

Li and I were both shocked by what we heard.

We both agreed that it wasnt a dream of mine but my previous life.


Li was convinced of that.

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As for me, I had a strange feeling in my heart when Jing Tian told the story so calmly.

There were pain, hatred, blood, and tears.

I firmly believed I had experienced all that before.

“Nanxing, you said that this was a dream you had, but your description was too specific.

At that time, I thought it was funny.

However, because of this dream, you were always on guard against Jing Ning, Nanyang, and Ye Qian.

Because of that, you managed to avoid many of their schemes.

Therefore, I sometimes wonder what exactly happened in that dream.” Jing Tian looked at me with a gaze full of concern.


Li slapped his thigh.

“I was right! The girl has Phoenix Blood and has been reborn.

She has survived a great disaster so things will be better from now on!”

I smiled wryly.

“Better Having amnesia is better My current state is better”


Li scratched his head.

“Dont think like that.

If God has put you in it…”

“He will pull you through it.” I interrupted him.

I wasnt in the mood for a lecture.

“Nanxing, Ive noticed that while youve forgotten so many things, you havent forgotten the knowledge that youve learned,” Jing Tian said softly.


Li wasnt annoyed that I interrupted him.

He said to Jing Tian with a smile, “Youre right.

Its because this time, her memory loss was caused by witchcraft and medicine.

It was man-made, not because of her brain injury.”

I couldnt help but ask Jing Tian, “Wait.

This memory loss I have other memory losses”

Jing Tian nodded.

“You dont remember what happened before you were six years old.

Lin Ran and I tried to find out about memory loss and examined your brain, but we didnt find anything.

We cant find a way to recover your memory.”

“Of course, you cant! Her memory was forcibly erased by someone.

I suspect that the person who did this was your parents,” Mr.

Li said coldly.

Jing Tian and I looked at him.

He continued, “Ma Ji poisoned you so that youd lose your memory.

She has been using voodoo to maintain it.

However, your memory loss from before the age of six doesnt come with any other injuries..

So, Im guessing it was your parents who did this.”


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