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Chapter 56: Bodyguard

Suddenly remembering something, I grabbed Jing Tians collar and asked him seriously.

“Do you like me or Nanyang”

Jing Tian was surprised.

“Why would you bring up Nanyang What does she have to do with me”

I was relieved.

Jing Tian would never lie to me.

From my previous life to this life, he always told me the truth.

To explain, I told Jing Tian about Jing Nings visit to my school.

“I already told him I will not marry him, why does he insist on marrying me I dont even like him.” I looked at Jing Tian.

“Because I like you.”

Jing Tian didnt say anything.

He looked at me, his gaze complicated but gentle.

I reached out to touch his face.

“Jing Tian, I want to be with you forever.” Jing Tian grabbed my hand and then turned his head away.

Damn it, another evasion! Before I could make another attempt, someone charged into the room.

Jing Tian let go of my hand immediately.

I turned to the new arrival and scolded him for ruining the moment, “Arent you my only blood relative Where were you when I needed you the most”

My little uncle was flustered by the sudden bombardment.

“Jesus, havent we saved you in the end Plus…”

“Tong Le!” Jing Tian shouted to stop my little uncle.

My little uncle turned to Jing Tian who shook his head lightly.

My uncle took a deep breath and walked to my bed.

“Alright, it is little uncles fault this time.

I was late but I swear it will never happen again!”

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I turned my head away from him.

Tong Le turned to look at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian sighed, “Nanxing, do you know how big of a fright youve caused your little uncle He has been busy the whole night for you.

Stop playing with him anymore.”

I turned to look at my little uncle and sighed.


By the way, did you find out who was the mastermind of the kidnapping before you handed the kidnappers over to the police”

My little uncle was startled and turned to Jing Tian.

Jing Tian said, “Well, did they”

My little uncle said with complicated emotions.

“They are just unknown ruffians.

They got the job to kidnap you from the internet.

They arent worth wasting time on.

However, the four from the Nan Familys old house.

Those are professionals and they might be related to the Crows.”

I asked with curiosity.

“The Crows”

My little uncle sighed, “They were a small gang.

It was established by a traitor from your eldest uncles gang.

But they were soon destroyed by your eldest uncle.

However, after your eldest uncles disappeared, they rose back from ashes.

For these past few years, they have been dealing with drugs and human trafficking.”

“Why havent you vanquished them” I looked at my little uncle in confusion.

My little uncle chuckled with amusement.

“Sister Xing, things dont just happen like that.

Do you think we can vanquish anyone we like The Crows is no longer the same gang as it started.

Its current boss has no connection with the traitor from Dragons Gate.

Dragons Gate and The Crows have always lived in peace.”

“What about now” I asked him.

My little uncle sneered.

“Well, now things are definitely different.

Since theyve come after you, they cant blame me for retaliation.”

I nodded.

My little uncle jibbed.

“How come it feels like youre leading Dragons Gate more than I do”

Jing Tian shoved him.

“Be serious!”

My little uncle chuckled and then handed something back to me.

It was my bracelet.

“Thankfully Ive returned your mothers bracelet to you.

I didnt expect you to use it to soon.

Ive cleaned and repaired it.

It should be sharper than before.”

I accepted the bracelet and put it back around my wrist.

I looked at the bandage around my wrist, it was the cut from when I sawed off the rope.

I held my wrist and asked, “How is Ni Ni and Lee Yangs injury I feel so bad for involving them in this.

Im quite lucky that youve come to save me in time.

But why do I keep fainting Was it because I was too scared” My little uncle and Jing Tian looked at me.

I lifted my head to meet their eyes.

“Whats wrong”

Jing Tian cleared his throat.

“No, yes, youre right.”

At that moment, Gao Da knocked on the door and walked in with a girl in her 20s.

She was dressed in black and looked valiant.

She stood upright with her hands behind her back.

She was quite good-looking, but she was devoid of facial expression.

I looked at her curiously.

Gao Da greeted, “Master Qi, Master Si.”

Jing Tian nodded and told me and my uncle, “This is Su Shen.

From today onwards, shell be accompanying Nanxing and Jing Ni.”

I moved my gaze away from Su Shen and looked at Jing Tian in surprise.

“Seriously Isnt this a bit too far Ni Ni and I still need to attend school.”


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