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Chapter 563: Pain

Transtator: Lonelytree

On the beach, two boys were fighting.

The older boy pushed his younger

brother down and said impatiently, “Tong Mo, dont meddle in my affairs!

The stubborn younger brother shouted, “If you are that capable, work it out


How can you lie to your younger sister like this Youre shameless

The older brother sneered, “Yes, youre the better brother.

In the future, the

Tong Family will have to depend on you.

Tong Mo, you have to work hard and

grow up quickly!

The older brother left, but he did not forget to turn around and shout to his

younger brother, “Since you like her so much, you have to protect her well.

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Otherwise, I might not be able to wait much longer! She only has herself to


Why cant she be a normal person Why does she have to inherit the

Tong Familys precious bloodline Therefore, she is destined to be locked up

like an oriole in the Tong Family for the rest of her Ilife!

The angry younger brother grabbed the sand and threw it out, but the older

brother had already walked away.

The younger brother knew that he couldnt beat the older brother, so he

dropped his fist to the ground in grief and indignation.

Looking at him, my heart ached a little.

It was as if I was looking through space.

I knew they were my cousins, Tong

Zhuo and Tong Mo.

I knew what they were talking about as well.

The blank

memories started to gain shapes and colors.

I slowly woke up, and the soreness in my body immediately spread.

“Hiss”I moved my body, and a sharp pain immediately came from my back.

I opened my eyes, and what greeted me was a familiar yet unfamiliar face.


was shocked.

The wound was pulled.

The wound on my shoulder and back hurt.

“Nanxing, dont move.

Youre heavily injured.” He frowned and held me down.

The pain woke me up.

“Little Uncle I asked.

I thought he was Tong Hui, so I was shocked.


after years of medicine and poison, Tong Hui no longer looked like a human.

definitely didnt look as healthy as this man.

My little uncle was pleasantly surprised.

“Nanxing, do you remember me They

said that you dont remember anything”

I looked at him and nodded slightly.

“They are correct.

I was just guessing”

The light in my little uncles eyes disappeared, but he still braced himself and


“Its fine.

You remember your little uncle even though you have


Im very happy!”

He reached out and touched my head.

His movements were practiced, and I

could tell that he must have done it often in the past.

“You look very similar to Uncle Tong Hui.

I thought it was him, and you gave

me a fright,”I said softly.

My uncles hand paused

“Little Uncle,” I called out to him softly.

“Mm.” He responded and sat down on the chair beside my bed.

“In my dream, there were two little boys.

They were fighting.

One of them was

very good to me to coax me to tell him my parents secrets.

The other boy was

very fierce, but he warned the other boy not to take advantage of me.


they were my cousins.

The smiling liar was Tong Zhuo.

The stern guardian was

Tong Mo.” 1 said softly.

Little Uncles face was stunned for a moment.


dreamed about them”

I nodded slightly.



Li said that my memories were sealed up.

After the

poison is detoxified, the seals might loosen.

Little Uncle, I only have one


Did my parents die to protect me

Little Uncle didnt say anything

“Was it my eldest uncle” I asked with great difficulty.

These words were

extremely painful to him and me.


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