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Chapter 566: Consensus

Translator: Lonelytree

“Your parents didnt leave behind any maps.

Even if they did, I have no idea where they are.

After you were kidnapped by Ma Ji, Xiao Yi tried his best to contact me.

When I rushed over, the island had already been blown up beyond recognition.

I didnt know why, but at that time, I suddenly thought of the

old mansion.

Someone found your trail before I did, took you away, and blew up the island.

This person must be related to the people who harmed the Tong Family!” My uncle clenched his fists.

Iooked at him.

“That island doesnt exist in my memory.

My memory started from the sea.

I didnt know why but I was able to draw a map when I looked at the vast sea.

I brought my eldest uncle and Ma Ji to a small island.

We lived there until we were attacked again.

However, before the attack, my

oldest uncle had already decided to take me away from there.

The destination was here.”

My uncle and I looked at each other, and a strange feeling arose in our hearts.

I continued, “On the island, I heard from the old servants that Cousin Zhuo and oldest uncle werent on good terms.

Oldest uncle always called his son unfilial, a bastard, and so on.”

My little uncle looked at him, and I could feel his breathing change.

“Why was there a gap of more than three years between the two attacks Because the person who blew up the first island thought my eldest uncle and I had died in the explosion.

That was why there were three years of peace.

My eldest uncle must have prepared to fool them the same way with the second


However, he didnt expect to lose me in the process.” I sighed, “So, there are two parties who want me.

One is led by my eldest uncle, and there is another group.”

Ilooked at my little uncle.

His expression was extremely ugly.

“Its Tong Zhuo.

Only Tong Zhuo knows the islands that your parents left behind because you drew the maps for him back then.”

I nodded.

“Does Tong Zhuo have the Tong Family disease”

My uncle shook his head.

“Logically speaking, it shouldnt be.

Since Big Brother has it, Tong Zhuo wont have it.

His grandson might have it.

The disease skips a generation.”

I shook my head.

“I feel that Tong Zhuo has inherited this strange disease too.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be so crazy as to try to find us.

He could have discussed with eldest uncle on sharing my blood, but he wanted to kill my uncle.

Theres a deep grudge between them.”

My little uncle didnt say anything, He looked at me in disbelief.

I understood that it would be difficult for him to accept this matter emotionally.

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I smiled.

“Little uncle, I want to settle this matter by myself.

Can you not interfere”

This time, he didnt move.

I reached out and patted his leg.

“Little uncle, itll be fine.

Consider this a training for me.

As for them, you have considered them dead for decades already.

They clearly know that you are alive, but theyve never contacted you.

So, just keep this illusion going.

Little uncle, dont make things difficult for me,

okay Dont get involved.”

Little Uncle grabbed my hand.

“Nanxing! I wont make things difficult for you! Ill stand on your side!”

Iooked at him in surprise.

“Nanxing, youre right! From how I see it, theyre already dead.

They didnt contact me because they wanted me to treat them as if they were already dead.

So why should I care about them Youre my only family..

Weve survived for years together, and well continue to do that!”


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