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Chapter 567: Detoxification

Translator: Lonelytree

He patted the back of my hand.

“Alright, Mr.

Li said that he should be informed when you woke up.

I was so happy that I had forgotten about it.

Now, the most important thing is your health.

This time, Jing Tian and I will never leave you again.

We will guard you at all times! No matter who it is, even if it

is my big brother, they will never hurt you!”

He stood up and walked out directly.

After a while, Mr.

Li walked in, followed by Jing Tian and my little uncle.

“Youre awake How do you feel” Mr.

Li reached out and grabbed my wrist.

I looked at him.

“The voodoo parasites are out, yes”


Li nodded slightly and checked my pulse carefully.

Jing Tian and my uncle looked at him nervously.


Lilet go of my hand.

“Does your stomach still hurt”

I shook my head.

“I dreamed of something.

I think its my past memories.”


Li was obviously not interested in my memories.

He rubbed his hands together.

“Hehe, its fortunate that you came back in time.

If you had come back a little later, those two little worms would have died, and our efforts would have been in vain.

Now, the last threat in your body is gone.

All thats left is blood-cleansing.

We need to get rid of the poison

that bitch put in you.


I was wracking my brain on how to lure out the two worms without harming your body.

But they came out on their own.

This is perfect.”

I looked at Jing Tian and my little uncle.

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My little uncle didnt have much of a reaction because he didnt know what had happened.

Jing Tians face tumed green.

I glared at Mr.


“So you were not confident that you could get them out before this”


Li nodded indifferently.

“Well, correct.

I could force them out, but youd die.”

I looked at him speechlessly.

“I could have killed you for lying to me, you know.”

He raised his eyes to look at me, he grinned.

“If you do, who is going to treat you Little girl, dont be so petty.

I wont harm you like how I plan to harm that bitch.

“Anyway, now that were being honest.

Im not sure how to cure your poison either.

That is because I dont know what kind of poison and curse she has used on you.

Well have to go trial by error.

Can you accept it”

I smiled helplessly.

“Do I have a choice”

“No.” He smiled as well.

“Its alright, Nanxing, Let Mr.

Li take it slow.

Once he makes a mistake, Ill make sure the flood will return to his hometowns farmland!” Jing Tian said slowly, with a hint of gnashing his teeth.


Lis expression changed immediately.

He looked angry but didnt dare to say anything.


Jing Tian and my little uncle also laughed.

Iwas stunned.

Tactually laughed.

It was a joy that came from the bottom of my heart.

This was a feeling that I had never experienced before.

This kind of joy made me feel both unfamiliar and pleasantly surprised.


Li sent my pulse reading to Master Xu.

They formulated a new prescription for me.

The external injury on my back wasnt light either.

They were presents left by the pink one.

I should thank the brainless young lady for allowing me to escape the Vice Presidents banquet unscathed after what I had done.

However, I should take revenge for the injuries she had given me, right

She said I was seducing her cousin Her cousin must be Jing Tian.

So she likes Jing Tian.

Well, I have a rival now.

Iwas fine with everything else, but I would never give up Jing Tian.

However, I knew the Pink Idiot was nothing to worry about.

Jing Tian wouldnt be dumb enough to like a brainless woman…


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