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Chapter 569: Jing Ni

Translator: Lonelytree


Kong Yun was really a master at sowing discord!

There was a hint of anger in Mai Qis tone.

“You have no idea, but Tong Le was so angry about this that he wanted to kill the girl.

If it werent for Jing Tian apologizing and stopping us, things might have gone very bad.

Nanxing is the beloved daughter of the Tong family.

Hurting her is like hurting Tong


So, in the end, he beat up Jing Tian.”

Kong Yun was surprised.

“He beat Jing Tian up!”

Mai Qi said, “I mean, its only fair.

Jing Tian was there when Nanxing was bullied.

He is responsible too.

Even I want to beat him up!”

Kong Yun was speechless.

Mai Qi suddenly understood.

“Madam Vice President, you didnt know this.

Jing Tian is Nanxings fiancé.

The two of them were severely injured.

Nanxing suffered from a head injury and lost her memory.

It was why Jing Tian went searching for her the moment he recovered.

“However, Nanxing went to another island to visit her eldest uncle, and the two missed each other.

Jing Tian came here to wait for Nanxing.

Nanxing cant remember him, so he will try his best to win her over again.

These two are a pair of doomed lovebirds.

Were so nervous for them, but what can we do

We have to take it slow and wait for Nanxing to get better.”

“My God! I see! No wonder Jing Tian didnt even take a look at the young ladies who came to visit him.

I thought it was because he had a very high standard.

It turns out he already has someone in his heart! The young man is not bad!”

Kong Yuns voice was dripping with gossip.

She couldnt hide her excitement.

Kong Yun didnt want to be Jing Tians enemy.

She was more willing to see the daughter of the president make a fool of herself.

I smiled.

This was politics.

There was a hidden agenda behind everything.

I tuned around and was startled.

A beautiful woman stood a few steps away from me, looking at me with a smile.

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I stopped in my tracks and looked at her.

She walked towards me and opened her arms.

I saw the tears in her eyes and felt a faint pain in my heart.

“Nanxing.” She hugged me gently.

“Nanxing, Ive missed you so much.” Her arms hugged me very carefully.

I felt a wetness on my shoulders, and she started crying.

My tears fell unconsciously, and my heart ached.

Hesitantly, I reached out to pat her back.

Dont cry! My heart will ache if you cry.

I dont know why.

She let go of me, sized me up, and asked softly, “Did I hurt you”

I shook my head and looked at the beautiful and gentle woman in front of me.

My mind was blank, but my heart was very happy.

She pulled my hand, held me, and said softly, “Didnt they tell you to rest in bed Why did you run out Does your wound hurt Are you hungry Do you want to drink water When will you learn to take care of yourself”

She complained, but my heart was warm.

I said softly, “Im sorry.

I lost my memory.”

She nodded.

She helped me tuck my hair behind my ear.

“I heard that from the others.

Its fine.

As long as youre here, we can get to know each other again.

Im Jing Ni.

Nanxing, I was once one of your best friends.

Ill always be your best friend!”

Her voice was gentle and firm.

Theld her hand and felt a warmth in my heart.

“Im sorry.

I dont remember the past, but I like you.”

Jing Nis tears fell at once.

She sobbed.

“Its fine.

Its not your fault.

You were injured, and we didnt protect you well.

Nanxing, Im sorry.

This wont happen again..”


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