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Chapter 580: Ruthless


Translator: Lonelytree

He glared at me.

“Why would you say something like that The deal between him and me, and the deal between you and me are completely different.

Plus, he really treats you sincerely.

He didnt even hesitate to give me his life the other day.”

Iwas stunned before I said angrily, “You actually wanted his life”


Li retracted his neck.

“I was only trying him.

I didnt really want his life.

Even I could tell that he had been poisoned by that bitch.

I knew that I could find that bitch through him.

However, I was afraid that he might catch on to what I was doing if I was being too eager.

In any case, dont mind these


All you need to know is that hes the right person for you.

The most important thing is that youve found someone who truly loves you, right”

He seemed to be telling me the truth.

He leaned in and looked at me more seriously.

“Girl, tell me.

Do you feel a blockage when you want to reciprocate the kind feelings of the people around you”

I looked at him in surprise and finally nodded.

I knew that Jing Tian loved me, and I knew that I must love him, but I couldnt express that openly.

I knew that Jing Ni and Mai Qi were good to me, and I knew that we had been very close in the past.

However, I couldnt show them my friendship.


Li nodded.

“I knew it.

That bitch hates nothing more than feelings like love and friendship, so she adds something called Heartless Grass in her voodoo.

The plant is very rare, but she wasnt stingy with it on you.

This shows how much she was jealous of you.

She wants you to become a person who

cant express any loving emotions.” He shook his head.

“I have to vanquish this bitch, not only for my grandfather but also the whole world!”

T understood, and my heart couldnt help but lighten up.

So I wasnt cold-blooded after all.

It was the medicine.

“So, can I still be cured” I asked him.


Li looked at me.

“Have you ever read a fairy tale book”

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I shook my head.

“I might have, but I cant remember the details.”


Li didnt mind.

“In any case, in fairy tales, the prince cures the curse with a kiss; the princess tears save the prince.

Its the same in real life.

Theres a rumor that there is no cure for Heartless Grass, but in reality, the cure is entirely psychological.

There is no antidote because you dont need it.

As long

as you believe in your feelings, youll start believing in them.”

He hesitated for a moment before scratching his head.

“Was that confusing Can you understand me”

Inodded with a smile.

“Thank you, sir.

I think I understand it now.

Ive always doubted my feelings and myself.

However, I know now it is due to the poison.

I just need to trust in myself.”


Li was happy that I could understand him.

“Thats the right outlook.

In fact, Jing Tian has been poisoned by Heartless Grass too.

But, it has no effect on him at all.

When you overcome this poison, your feelings will be even more confirmed.

Ma Ji might have done you a favor actually.



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