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Chapter 582: Stepmother


Translator: Lonelytree

“Of course! Our Miss is the most beautiful person there is!” Daisy nodded repeatedly.

Thelplessly asked Jing Ni, “How can I get her to stop showing me off like that”

Jing Ni pursed her lips into a smile and held onto my arm.

“Let them be.

Let me tell you about the Presidents family.”

I gladly accepted.


I dont know anything about them.”

Jing Tians mother, Xiao Lan, had an older sister, Xiao Zhi.

She left home in a fit of anger when she was young and coincidentally married president An Lin.

At that time, An Lin was not yet president, but Xiao Zhi was extremely talented in diplomacy.

After a few years of hard work, An Lin rose through the

ranks until he became the president elected by the people.

Xiao Zhi played an important role in this.

The two of them had a very good relationship, which was praised often by the villagers.

However, the only flaw was An Lin had been married once before, and he had a daughter who was already seven when he got together with Xiao Zhi.

Someone told this girl, Angel, that Xiao Zhi was the reason her parents marriage fell apart.

She was extremely critical of this stepmother.

In the start, Xiao Zhi tried her best to tolerate the child.

An Lin also felt guilty, so he was very indulgent towards her.

In the end, this girl became increasingly arrogant and domineering, She slowly became a tyrant on this island.

Every time she caused trouble, Xiao Zhi would send someone to clean up the mess.

After all, many things could be solved with money.

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If it couldnt be solved with money, Xiao Zhi would personally come and apologize.

After all, she was the Madam President.

Even the President respected and loved her.

Who wouldnt give her face

Over the years, Angels reputation became worse.

On the other hand, Xiao Zhis reputation as the stepmother became better.

Kong Yun and the rest looked down on Xiao Zhi because she was the stepmother, but they had no choice but to be wary of her.

Xiao Zhi was someone who could influence An Lin.

Both of them were outstanding in both political and economic aspects.

The wealth of this small island was the result.

Iwas entranced.

“It sounds like Xiao Zhi is very good at political fighting,” I concluded.

Jing Ni cast her gaze into the distance.

“In the first year, Xiao Zhi and Angel were like fire and water.

Later on, Xiao Zhi became pregnant and miscarried.

She went to live in the temple for a while.

After she returned, she treated Angel as her own.

She said she was convinced by Buddha to forgive and accept.

“All the women on this island secretly treated this as a joke.

They thought this was too foolish.

Some even said this was a deal between An Lin and Xiao Zhi.

An Lin must have something over Xiao Zhi to make her tolerate the girl this much.

After all, Xiao Zhi was too powerful of a character to accept this

arrangement otherwise.

“In any case, I suppose even the most powerful individual has their weaknesses.

And An Lin knows that about his wife.”

Jing Ni looked at me and smiled.

I smiled in understanding.


Then lets go meet this beautiful and talented Madam President.”

The first impression was very important.

Before we met, I already had an impression of this Madam President.

I saw her as a valiant beauty.

She was a master who could kill people without revealing her true intentions.

However, I was wrong.

‘When I arrived at the presidential palace with Jing Tian, my uncle, Mai Qi, and Jing Ni, the Madam President personally came out to greet me.

She was actually a gentle and weak woman.

She looked so fragile that a strong wind could knock her down.

However, it wasnt an exaggeration to say that she was beautiful.

Even with beauties like Mai Qi and Jing Ni in front of me, I still couldnt take my eyes off Xiao Zhi.


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