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At the back of the house, there was a greenhouse.

Originally, the building was Li Yuan and Nan Yangs idea because at the time, floral admiration was a popular culture among the upper class.

However, after the greenhouse was built, the culture had outlived its shelf life.

Therefore, the place was abandoned.

It became my secret nook because normally no one would come here.

Since the official banquet hadnt started, Ifollowed Li Yuans instruction and stayed away from the crowd.

I presented all the opportunities for Nan Yang to mingle with Jing Ning.

I came to the greenhouse to work on my homework.

After I had decided to take this second chance at life, one of the preliminary steps was to do well in the university entrance exam.

I had to get into M University, that was my dream!

At the small table in the greenhouse, a person occupied my usual seat.

I was flummoxed, staring at the familiar silhouette.

He was wearing a black handmade suit.

His long legs were crossed.

He was sitting lazily on the rocking chair.

His semi-long, slightly curly hair was tied into a half-ponytail at the back of his head.

He exuded an imposing aura that prevented others from getting too close to him.

He was flipping through my English paper.

Thats Jing Tian! Why is he here

My eyes almost popped out.

I wanted to rush over to hug him and drag him to get our marriage certificate, the one that we were supposed to get that day.

However, I found my feet nailed to the ground.

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Jing Tian, it has only been a night but 10 years had separated us.

Do you still have me in your heart If I ask you to marry me like I did yesterday night, you probably would think Im crazy…

Even so, I smiled to myself.

Whats the hurry Since he has reappeared before me, I will not let him slip away again.

At that moment, Jing Tian turned his head around.

He saw me and waved the paper at me.

“Is this yours”

I walked towards him.

I was so happy I could break into song.

I sat down opposite him.

He handed the paper to me and said indifferently, “I had nothing better to do, so I marked your paper.

Your composition is atrocious.

Are you a science or arts student”

I touched the paper that he had handed back to me.

I answered, “A science student.”

“In that case, among math, physics, and chemistry, which subject is your weakest” He rocked the chair.

It squeaked, making my heart itch.

“Id say Im not good at any of them.” I lowered my voice.

A plan was hatching in my mind.

“Which university are you applying for” Jing Tian asked slowly.

“M University!” My voice was clear and confident.

Jing Tian fixed his gaze on me, and a faint smile flashed on his lips.

Holding the paper, I stood up and bowed deeply at him.

“Sir, please take me on as your student.

Teacher, please help me with my homework!”

Jing Tian was clearly surprised by this as he jumped up from the rocking chair.

He stared at me and was at a loss for words.

Under the curtain of hair, my face beamed at his flustered reaction.

“But I heard that Director Nan has already hired the top-notch tutor to teach his daughter.” Jing Tian sounded hesitant.

How did he know Im Director Nans daughter Is it because were at my home and hes holding my paper so he decides I have to be the Nan Family daughter But how can he tell whether Im Nan Xing or Nan Yang

Nan Yang is 1 year older than me but due to Li Xuans selfishness, I was arranged to be in the same class as my big sister to keep her company.

Therefore, both Nan Yang and myself would be taking the university entrance exam next year.

Director Nan had indeed hired a top-notch tutor but it was also true that it was only for his singular daughter.

I took a deep breath and said calmly, “The tutor is for big sister.

Mother said, my results are so bad anyway, theres no need to waste time and money on a tutor.”

I didnt raise my head so I couldnt catch Jing Tians expression.

“Are… are they treating you well” Jing Tians voice had a slight tremble to it.

Sounds like he still didnt know the eldest and second young miss of the Nan Family were treated completely differently.

I lifted my head.

He looked as shocked as he was when he rescued me from the sea.

I broke into a smile.

“Teacher, I want to be like my big sister.

I want to have a systematic and tailor-made revision plan.

I promise to work hard, I will not disappoint you!”

Jing Tian looked at me with an unfathomable gaze.

Since I cant be Jing Tians wife then Ill start by being his student.

I looked into his eyes and pleaded my case openly, “I know that people have been calling me a wastrel behind my back.

They say I come from a bad gene and Ill never get into M University because Im not as clever as my sister.

I just want to prove to them that I, Nan Xing is not totally useless.”

“Nan Xing, of course, you are not….

Okay, Ill help you!” Jing Tians voice was so gentle that it startled me.


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