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Chapter 60: My Niece is Your Niece

I turned around sheepishly and glanced at Gao Da.

“How do you walk without making any sound”

Gao Da returned my question with a question of his own, “Miss Nanxing, why dont you go in”

My little uncle walked to the door.

When he saw me, his expression shifted.

He asked Gao Da, “What are you two doing here”

I answered matter-of-factly, “I was eavesdropping!” My little uncle was speechless.

Jing Tian who was behind Tong Le glanced at Gao Da and asked me gently, “How much did you hear”

“Uncle, who is this Violent Lolita who can transform” I asked my little uncle.

“Who else Its you!” My little uncle stared at me.

I rolled my eyes at him. My uncle can never be serious.

Ignoring him, I took out my heart-shaped result paper and handed it to Jing Tian.

I bowed and giggled, “Teacher, I scored 130 points! Thats not bad, right”

Jing Tian took the paper and undid the origami.

He smiled and tussled my hair.

“Not bad.

Ill have the kitchen cook your favorite food tonight.”

My little uncle moved to smack Jing Tians hand away.

“Stop all that touching.

Youre her teacher, act like one!”

I turned to glare at my little uncle.

He used his hands to block my eyes.

“How many times I have to tell you to stop glaring at me like that It reminds me too much of your mother…” I ran forward to hug him.

“In that case, Ill switch to hug attack!”

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My little uncle raised his hands in surrender.


Jing Tian pulled me back.

“Stop being a fool!” I turned back to pull a face at Jing Tian.

Then I calmed down and put my smiles away.

“Nanyang came looking for me at school.

She wants me to go back home this weekend for fathers birthday.”

My little uncle and Jing Tian shared a look.

“Whats wrong” I asked.

“Have Su Shen and Su Qian accompany you home.” Jing Tian said seriously.

I chuckled.

“Its not that serious.

Its just a visit home.

If I appear with 2 bodyguards, Nanyang will blow a casket.

I only need your help to prepare a birthday present.

It cant be too expensive.

When Nanyang asked me whether I was still earning money playing games online, I told her I was too busy with homework.

Therefore, like I said, the present cant be too expensive.”

My little uncle huffed, “This whole family is just rotten.

Perhaps I too should prepare a big gift for Nan Feng.”

Then I realized something.

“Little uncle, how come the Nan Family didnt seem to know that youre back in the country After all, youve been around.

Youve even visited the Jing Family already!”

My little uncle scoffed, “If I dont want to, they will not know about my return.”

Oh, impressive!

“Why didnt you want them to know” I pressed.

My little uncle didnt want to tell me.

I thought about launching another hug attack but Jing Tian who was behind me, grabbed me by my collar and pulled me back.

“Tsk, Jing Tian, shes my only niece.

Can you not haul her around like a pet dog” Little uncle shouted at Jing Tian with a frown.

I took this chance to grab at my little uncles arm.

“Little uncle, tell me, tell me! Are you going to do something fun without me” My little uncle sighed.

I knew my little uncle would be worn down in time.

He wouldnt get mad at me.

“Its nothing fun.

I planned to capture that old coot and have him trapped in the basement for half a month!” My little uncle said angrily.

Jing Tian cut in, “My basement is not going to be used to hold a prisoner.

Use your own basement.”

“Tsk, stingy!”

“Speaking of which, the work at your villa has been done, shouldnt you move back there already Your stay here is overdue.” Jing Tian said unhurriedly.

My little uncle bought a villa next to Jing Tian so they were now neighbours.

The villa had been under renovation and my little uncle had been staying with Jing Tian.

This was also because he wanted to keep watch over me and Jing Tian.

Little uncle glared at Jing Tian.

“Fine but Nanxing has to move in with me.

In the future, youll have to come to my place to tutor her!”

Jing Tian countered, “Im the teacher, the student comes to the teacher!”

I enjoyed watching them argue, it was like two kindergartners.

My little uncle thought about it.


But Nanxing is moving over with me.

She can come over for her tutoring, but she will not stay overnight.”

Jing Tian glanced at him.

“Fine, but in that case, Jing Ni will stay with you too.”

My little uncle patted his chest.

“No problem, your niece is my niece!” Then he poked at Jing Tians chest with his finger.

“And brother! Remember that my niece is your niece too!”

“Hold up! I disagree!”


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